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Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

rossdee SF stories optimistic? (173 comments)


It seems that we are going to have to fight off aliens for our survival. Given that any aliens that come here are going to be more advanced than us, I wouldn't say thats optimistic.
And even if we don't come across intelligent aliens, the (human) Galactic Empire will become corrupt and collapse, witth whole planets wiped out.


3D-Printed Car Takes Its First Test Drive

rossdee What sort of engine (132 comments)

What sort of engine can you print with a 3d printer?

2 days ago

Navy Guilty of Illegally Broad Online Searches: Child Porn Conviction Overturned

rossdee NCIS agent Steve Logan (283 comments)

Which show is he from?

2 days ago

Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports

rossdee Sapphire and Steel (201 comments)

“All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic, heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel.

Sapphire and Steel have been assigned”.

2 days ago

Indian Mars Mission Has Completed 95% of Its Journey Without a Hitch

rossdee But (112 comments)

Its the last few feet that count
or is that meters

2 days ago

Amazon Is Killing Off Its Free P2P Money-Transfer Service WebPay On October 13

rossdee Re:And.... (34 comments)

"For all you people that haven't heard of it or believe it had no value you are wrong."

So people that hadn't heard of it are wrong ?

I hadn't heard of it, and I have been an Amazon Prime member for a few years...

3 days ago

California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal

rossdee Re:Can we please cann these companies what they ar (285 comments)

" and cannot be just hailed on the street"

Thats a good idea, make hail illegal. Can they do the same with straightline winds and tornados too?

4 days ago

SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card

rossdee Re:Fahrenheit? WTHolyF? (209 comments)

"0 is very cold,"

If we are talking Fahrenheit , 0 is nighttime in winter.

"100 is you"

You must be coming down with the flu or something. 98.4 is normal

"200 is boiling water"

On a mountain I spose. its 212 at sea level.

4 days ago

CERN Tests First Artificial Retina Capable of Looking For High Energy Particles

rossdee But (60 comments)

will this new retina help me find my missing socks?

Is this s tep towards X-Ray vision? Wouldn't the rest of the eye have to be modified to (lens cornea etc)

4 days ago

Universal Big Bang Lithium Deficit Confirmed

rossdee Re:Depressing News (170 comments)

Asimov wrote most of that story, well before there was Slashdot, and Anonymous Cowards

5 days ago

Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

rossdee It should be (363 comments)

It should be the car that is disabled (or your license taken away)

about a week ago

UCLA Biologists Delay the Aging Process In Fruit Flies

rossdee One thing we don't need (82 comments)

One thing we don't need is longer living fruit flies. What are they going to eat in the winter

about a week ago

Northwest Passage Exploration Ship Found

rossdee Re:Who names those ships? (80 comments)

HMS Terror sounds like a typical name for a warship.
and as for Erebus, well nobody had even heard of that Antarctic volcano until flight 901 hit it in 1979

about a week ago

Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

rossdee Re:Ugh (380 comments)

The actual cards would be those 80 column things that the ancient languages were stored (and inpuy) on.

about a week ago

$10 Bet Brings Researchers Closer to Industrial Scale Graphene Production

rossdee Re:Confusing summary - here's my version (74 comments)

" taking two metre wide, three metre long sheets of monatomically thin graphene and making hammocks out of them."

Because existing materials aren't strong enough to make a hammock that can support the average american?

about a week ago

Restoring Salmon To Their Original Habitat -- With a Cannon

rossdee Re:Pet Peeve (147 comments)

The problem is that nearly all the places that can be dammed have been dammed already. .

about a week ago

After Weeks of Delay, SpaceX Falcon Launches Communications Satellite Payload

rossdee Re:11 days is "weeks"? (32 comments)

"Maybe my math is off, but in my book 11 days does not make "weeks""

A week is 7 days. 11 days is about 1.57 weeks

More than one is plural.

about two weeks ago

3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

rossdee Re:Lets use Anthropo-sedatives instead .. (811 comments)

"Honestly, the idea of passing out and waking up at the destination would be appealing (to me anyway)."

I am sure its possible, but you'll have to pay extra for the drinks

Of course there is the risk that if the plane does have an emergency you are less likely to be one of the survivors.

about two weeks ago

Did you use technology to get into mischief as a child?

rossdee Re:Define technology (230 comments)

We had a B/W TV in the late 70's - although color was fairly common. There were only 2 channels back then.
We got a color TV witht Teletext in 1984

(I was born in NZ)

about two weeks ago


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