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Skype Is Working To Defeat the Reverse Engineering

rovingeyes Re:Skype on Linux (169 comments)

What are they hiding?

Awesome, Anonymous Coward is wondering what the other dude is hiding...

more than 3 years ago

What's Wrong With the TV News

rovingeyes Re:Who the hell is (536 comments)

Bingo! Exactly my point. Who the fuck gives a rats ass about a stoner singer who had "issues" - big fuckin' deal. Its not like Cobain was a phenomenal singer. He can hardly sing. Granted he is way better than Britney, still does not warrant to be featured story. I bet if he died now, CNN would just dedicate a week for him. Sad indeed.

about 7 years ago



rovingeyes rovingeyes writes  |  more than 8 years ago

rovingeyes (575063) writes "Moser Baer, a CD and DVD manufacturer headquartered in India is entering the entertainment industry by distributing Bollywood movies for Rs 34 (less than a dollar), legally. This could make a huge dent in the piracy market of India. FTA — "Harish Dayani, Chief Executive Officer of Entertainment Business, Moser Baer, explained that their goal by end 2007 is to own exclusive copyright licenses of 40 percent mainstream Hindi films ever produced in this country. By end of 2008, they expect the figure to reach 50 per cent. They will also be looking at buying copyrights of as many new films that are released.""


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