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Switching To Solar Power — Six Months Later

rronda Re:guy should try conservation first (591 comments)

It's enough to power a small village in Africa, but not far from the average US monthly average of 920 kWh

about 6 years ago

Copper Thieves Jeopardize US Infrastructure

rronda Copper price (578 comments)

Copper price might have something to do with the increase in theft. It was about 4$/LB from Dec 2005 to Sept 2008. Now is only 1.5 $/LB. Of course the profit for the thieves is still 100% but they get less money for the same risk.

more than 6 years ago

75 Comics That Are Being Made Into Films

rronda Re:"In the Process?" (256 comments)

It seems that you should be watching foreign movies for a change.

more than 6 years ago


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