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The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

rs79 "Supposed fact" (552 comments)

You know when they're using weasel words like this they're being disingenuous:

"Also, it puts to bed the supposed 'fact' that there's been a pause in temperature increase the last 17 years. Raw data shows it's still increasing."

"Since 2000, temperatures have been warmer than average, but they did not increase significantly. Data courtesy of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. Since the turn of the century, however, the change in Earth’s global mean surface temperature has been close to zero." Note also CO2 rose the entire tie, it just didn't get any warmer for 17 years.

This is an stateent based on NOAA data. And they disagree with this? Ok, what's the source of their data? Have they told the NOAA they're wrong yet?

about two weeks ago

4K Monitors: Not Now, But Soon

rs79 Re:Get a TV (186 comments)

I've used a T61 Thinkpad for ages now and it almost alarming the difference between the laptop screen and say, a nice 24" external monitor at 1920 px.

Has anybody with a Y510p tried running of of those cheap Seiki 4K screens?

Or the $50 tv boxen on ebay that claim to do 4K, anyone tried those?

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Should Every Programmer Read?

rs79 TFM (352 comments)


about 3 months ago

Let's Call It 'Climate Disruption,' White House Science Adviser Suggests (Again)

rs79 Re:Shut Up (568 comments)

Pollution? Corporations.

Global climate grant change? Scientists.

How bout we get back to the pollution issue which has been attenuated by climate discussion.

Pollution is not under dispute.

about 3 months ago

UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate

rs79 Re:I wish I'd saved that link (433 comments)

Portugal’s electricity network operator announced that renewable energy supplied 70 percent of total consumption in the first quarter of this year.

I somehow doubt what you are saying.

If one panel provides all you need during daylight hours you use 2 or 3 or 4 and store it in a battery.

This, and not nuclear it undisputably the way of the future. There is no such thing as a safe nuclear plant. I'm sure the people that had to leave Fukushima prefecture would disagree about the lack of danger to public health. Would you live there now?

Germany will be 100% renewable by 5050. Portugal is already 75%.

We can not afford, on many levels, and do not need: nukes. This has been shown.
Germany is the world's top photovoltaics (PV) installer, with a solar PV capacity of 35.996 gigawatts (GW) at the end of February 2014.[2] The German new solar PV installations increased by about 7.6 GW in 2012, and solar PV provided 18 TWh (billion kilowatt-hours) of electricity in 2011, about 3% of total electricity.[3] Some market analysts expect this could reach 25 percent by 2050.[4] Germany has a goal of producing 35% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020 and 100% by 2050.[5]

"In July 2009, India unveiled a US$19 billion plan to produce 20 GW of solar power by 2020.[2] Under the plan, the use of solar-powered equipment and applications would be made compulsory in all government buildings, as well as hospitals and hotels.[3] On 18 November 2009, it was reported that India was ready to launch its National Solar Mission under the National Action Plan on Climate Change, with plans to generate 1,000 MW of power by 2013.[4] From August 2011 to July 2012, India went from 2.5 MW of grid connected photovoltaics to over 1,000 MW."

" In 2012 China installed 5.0 GW of solar panel capacity. As of 2012, about 8.3 GW of photovoltaics contribute towards power generation in China.[1] Solar water heating is extensively implemented as well.[2]"

And we're not even trying hard. Hopefully soon, well. Anything to avoid those damn dirty dangerous nuclear disaster that endanger countless future generations.

about 4 months ago

UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate

rs79 I wish I'd saved that link (433 comments)

...that showed the nuclear industry is a major backer to the "global warming" PR hysteria.

China builds two power plants a week. Big Nuke uses this "global warming" as a defensive posture to combat the sale coal plants.

Of course the incorruptible UN suggests we need more nuclear plants - but then they have never actually administered a country.

If you look at countries like Germany and India who are becoming less and less dependant on fossil fuels, it's because of
solar, not nuclear and in fact the trend is to get away from nuclear. They're always way over budget to build, way more expensive to run and in some cases cost too much to decommission so they sit there.

If you want to see just what a boondoogle contemporayr nuclear plants are, Adam Curtis explores this really well:

Not only is the corruption involved massive but the design is fundamentally flawed - they're scaled up sub reactors and they work in subs because you can dump the small core at sea. The guy that designed them objected most strenuously to the idea you could scale them up to a massive size on land and consider them safe: Fukushima proved he was right,

Nuclear: the gift that keeps on giving: for tens of thousands of years. In a world where we still can't get Fukushima under control the idea we should build more is morally reprehensible.

This is the most insane idea yet from the UN all because of a "problem" that's as real as WMD in Iraq. Bad math + bad science = we need more nukes. Dear mother of God...

about 4 months ago

Study Rules Out Global Warming Being a Natural Fluctuation With 99% Certainty

rs79 Never mistake consensus for truth. (869 comments)

"97%+ of geologists agreed the continents were stable. It was Settled Science. Hundreds of research papers supported it. Overwhelming consensus. And wrong. And, oddly (not really, if you think about it a moment), it was not a geologist but a meteorologist, Alfred Wegener, who ultimately showed all the mutually agreeing geologists they had it all wrong; the continents move." - Dr. Michael K. Oliver

about 4 months ago

Study Rules Out Global Warming Being a Natural Fluctuation With 99% Certainty

rs79 Warming exists? It is you who are in denial. (869 comments)

Check the math. There's been no warming since 98. If you had facts on your side you wouldn't need to use rhetoric like "denier".

This is not the holocaust.

Also, this wasn't "a few days of bad weather" this was two years of awful winters, cold springs and 100 year record cold in some places because of five polar vortexes in a winter that a) began a month early and b) ened late and c) was predicted in 2007 by a method the IPCC claimed had nothing to do with it.

Excuse me but you're on the wrong side of the prediction credibility gap here. And all the rhetoric in the world won't fix that. You may lie, but the numbers do not.

about 4 months ago

Study Rules Out Global Warming Being a Natural Fluctuation With 99% Certainty

rs79 Re:read your own links... Re:Uh-huh (869 comments)

Let me try it again slowly.

It's been a 7F degree rise for ages.

Now it's a range of 1.5 to 4.5 (4.5F ~7C) degree change.

Has this gone up, or down? Looks like down to me.

NASA pointed out the prediction was too high and the current prediction has been attenuated somewhat.

If you check, since 1985, smarter people than you and I have been saying "but plants eat CO2, especially when they get warmer" and the alarmists have always said "no". Check for yourself.

Now they're describing the findings as both "incredible" and "unexpected" that this actually happens. These are the "experts" that know ALL about CO2. Suuuuuuuuure they do.

But wait. There's more. Recently Freeman Dyson said:

“I just think they don’t understand the climate,” he said of climatologists. “Their computer models are full of fudge factors.”

A major fudge factor concerns the role of clouds. The greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide on its own is limited. To get to the apocalyptic predictions trumpeted by Al Gore and company, the models have to include assumptions that CO-2 will cause clouds to form in a way that produces more warming.

“The models are extremely oversimplified,” he said. “They don’t represent the clouds in detail at all. They simply use a fudge factor to represent the clouds.”


"Dyson said his skepticism about those computer models was borne out by recent reports of a study by Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading in Great Britain that showed global temperatures were flat between 2000 and 2010 — even though we humans poured record amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere during that decade."

Recently Lovelock said:

"Now Lovelock is walking back his rhetoric, admitting that he and other prominent global warming advocates were being alarmists. In a new interview with MSNBC he says: '"The problem is we don't know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books — mine included — because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn't happened," Lovelock said. "The climate is doing its usual tricks. There's nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now," he said. "The world has not warmed up very much since the millennium. Twelve years is a reasonable time it (the temperature) has stayed almost constant, whereas it should have been rising — carbon dioxide is rising, no question about that."

Last week the Daily Fail reported the AP had had the IPCC report leaked to it and reported:

"Scientists working on the most authoritative study on climate change were urged to cover up the fact that the world’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years, it is claimed.

A leaked copy of a United Nations report, compiled by hundreds of scientists, shows politicians in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the United States raised concerns about the final draft.

Published next week, it is expected to address the fact that 1998 was the hottest year on record and world temperatures have not yet exceeded it, which scientists have so far struggled to explain."

"Germany called for the references to the slowdown in warming to be deleted, saying looking at a time span of just 10 or 15 years was ‘misleading’ and they should focus on decades or centuries.

Belgium objected to using 1998 as a starting year for statistics, as it was exceptionally warm and makes the graph look flat - and suggested using 1999 or 2000 instead to give a more upward-pointing curve."

"The United States delegation even weighed in, urging the authors of the report to explain away the lack of warming using the ‘leading hypothesis’ among scientists that the lower warming is down to more heat being absorbed by the ocean – which has got hotter.
The last IPCC ‘assessment report’ was published in 2007 and has been the subject of huge controversy after it had to correct the embarrassing claim that the Himalayas would melt by 2035.
It was then engulfed in the ‘Climategate’ scandal surrounding leaked emails allegedly showing scientists involved in it trying to manipulate their data to make it look more convincing – although several inquiries found no wrongdoing."

Which is because of course, Academic Fraud isn't illegal, but they were found guilty of, as Dyson notes, "fudging numbers".

So, global warming is definitely man made? Except there isn't any warming. So the warming that didn't happen they are 99% sure is man made.

Can you imagine if the same rigorous criteria were applied to the Higgs Boson? "We think we saw sparks. It's the God particle alright!" This is bad math and worse science.

And keep in mind every drop of ink and electron used to waste time on "global warming" is not being used to discussion pollution. Remember Fukushima, that's still out of control? Or the BP spill? Damn if I was responsible for those I'd sure be putting tons of money into "global warming" PR too, probably on a daily basis. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

about 4 months ago

Study Rules Out Global Warming Being a Natural Fluctuation With 99% Certainty

rs79 Uh-huh (869 comments)

It was a 7 degree rise for ages:

Now that's the high end of the "prediction".

In 2010 NASA said this:

"8th December 2010 13:24 GMT - A group of top NASA and NOAA scientists say that current climate models predicting global warming are far too gloomy, and have failed to properly account for an important cooling factor which will come into play as CO2 levels rise."

And "New NASA model: Doubled CO2 means just 1.64C warming
'Important to get these things right', says scientist"

In 2011 it was "Discovered" trees eat CO2:

Originally found at:

Forests soak up third of fossil fuel emissions: study
By Marlowe Hood (AFP) – 5 days ago

PARIS — Forests play a larger role in Earth's climate system than previously suspected for both the risks from deforestation and the potential gains from regrowth, a benchmark study released Thursday has shown.

The study, published in Science, provides the most accurate measure so far of the amount of greenhouse gases absorbed from the atmosphere by tropical, temperate and boreal forests, researchers said.

"This is the first complete and global evidence of the overwhelming role of forests in removing anthropogenic carbon dioxide," said co-author Josep Canadell, a scientist at CSIRO, Australia's national climate research centre in Canberra.

"If you were to stop deforestation tomorrow, the world's established and regrowing forests would remove half of fossil fuel emissions," he told AFP, describing the findings as both "incredible" and "unexpected".

Also odd how this guy in 2007 was able to predict this winter's 100-year record breaking cold from things the IPCC have nothing to do with climate:

Do the alarmists have an explanation for these?

about 4 months ago

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Unix Admins

rs79 uh... (136 comments)

"What habits have you found effective for system administration?"

Carrying an Uzi.

about 4 months ago

Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

rs79 Re:Short story: See to what Linus responds (641 comments)

"Did you read the bug report?"

Yes. It's pretty hard to understand, I take it English isn't their primary language, so no fault of their own, but it doesn't exactly make it really clear; some of the commentary here did a better job of that.

about 4 months ago

Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

rs79 Re:Linus is getting old and cranky (641 comments)

Sure but that's subjective. Post the same two posts on a mac website and the scoring is swapped.

(note also, I use neither, bsd isn't quite as dead as Netcraft suggests)

about 4 months ago

Federal Bill Would Criminalize Revenge Porn Websites

rs79 This is a REALLY bad idea (328 comments)

You'd have to be blind as Ann Franks to not see this.

about 4 months ago



A trip around Africa

rs79 rs79 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

rs79 writes "A couple in Calgary Alberta said goodbye to their kids and grandkids and took off for a trip around the African continent in a Toyota Land Cruiser, filming as they went.

It's a fascinating and compelling series of videos, some parts of Africa are better than we think, but the bad parts, they're as bad as we've heard if not worse.

Either way it's a nice slice of what a handful of African countries are really like in a day to day basis. Much great footage including feeding African Cichlids in Lake Malawi and the legendary red ochre painted semi naked nomads, The Himba in Angola and Namibia.

I spent a few days pulling stills out of the video so you can in one glance have a look at the best scenes from all the videos at once."

Link to Original Source

Elephant control in Zimbabwe

rs79 rs79 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

rs79 writes "By now everyone in the domain industry has seen Godaddy's CEO Bob Parsons home movie hunting elephants, but an analysis of the tape suggests that getting elephants out of a field of sorghum might not require a rifle and the death of the CITES listed endangered animal and that a flashlight itself might suffice."
Link to Original Source

Hippocratic oath should apply to animal welfare

rs79 rs79 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

rs79 writes "Reports come out than some animals or another is endangered, so it goes on a list of endangered animals and you'd think this would help. But, listings like this make it difficult if not impossible for anyone less than a large institution to captive breed the animal, and in the case of material already breeding in captivity, you're now a criminal. Consider the case of the flame sided garter..."
Link to Original Source

Physical teather for Andoid G1/Dream phone

rs79 rs79 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

rs79 writes "Cel phones have usually had a hole in them you can attach a lanyard to. I use a coil or glow in the dark urethane cord with a backup coil of back attached to my belt loop with one of those triangular mountain climbing attachment thingamajigs. This has stopped my all too frequent loss of cel phones — I'm embarrassed to say how many just slid out of my pocket and just went away in the past two years.

I have a new HTC Dream phone and it is a dream. But it's got no hole. I can't physically attach it to anything. A case isn't the answer, I want to attach my glow coil of urethane to it it for no other reason it makes it really easy to find in the dark, plus its for all intents and purposes, unbreakable.

But how am I supposed to attach the tether cord to it? Is there somewhere I can in theory drill a hole?

The best idea I have so far is to use liquid urethane glue, very carefully, but a) this will looked like half baked ass and b) I'm not sure it'll stick to the Teflon like exterior. Some plastics react better to adhesives than others.

What would you do?"

Broadband stimulus package

rs79 rs79 writes  |  about 5 years ago

rs79 writes "Will the broadband stimulus package serve those who need it or enhance entrenched providers through horribly flawed policy at NTIA. Feld argues the latter."
Link to Original Source

Clinton answers calls for Firefox in State Dept

rs79 rs79 writes  |  about 5 years ago

rs79 writes "At the 26:33 mark of a State Department question and answer session Hillary Clinton answers calls from an employee requesting to use the Firefox web browser. Hilarity ensues. Citing costs, to which the audience cheers "it's free", an explanation is given by a state dept staffer about the cost of free software followed by an appeal by Ms. Clinton to let the government know whenever something is done in a very cost ineffective manner at the 29:10 mark."
Link to Original Source

What a Texas town can teach us about health care.

rs79 rs79 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

rs79 writes "From The New Yorker: The greatest threat to Americas fiscal health is not Social Security, President Barack Obama said in a March speech at the White House. Its not the investments that weve made to rescue our economy during this crisis. By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nations balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care. Its not even close. "Our countrys health care is by far the most expensive in the world."

"McAllen (texas) calls itself the Square Dance Capital of the World. Lonesome Dove was set around here.

"McAllen has another distinction, too: it is one of the most expensive health-care markets in the country. Only Miamiwhich has much higher labor and living costsspends more per person on health care. In 2006, Medicare spent fifteen thousand dollars per enrollee here, almost twice the national average. The income per capita is twelve thousand dollars. In other words, Medicare spends three thousand dollars more per person here than the average person earns.""

Link to Original Source


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