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Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro

rsilvergun TCO (145 comments)

At the risk of being modded troll I'll ask if anyone knows the TCO on these Linux roll outs. If Spain has lower tech wages it might be much lower than Windows, but in the United States at least there's tonnes of cheap Windows IT gurus but if you want someone that can admin your Linux boxes you'll pay through the nose. Google Docs and other web apps might be changing that though, at least until you hit college.


White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

rsilvergun You're more right that you know (272 comments)

Our food supply is based on oil. We don't rotate crops anymore. We couldn't possibly make enough food if we did. Instead we generate nitrogen as a by-product of oil and pump it back into the soil.

If the oil stops flowing some Americans might have to tighten their belts, but people around the world that depend on our surplus food would just starve...

about a week ago

Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

rsilvergun Uh, that's not how it works (192 comments)

not at all. You need to ask yourself who has disposable income. It's mostly teenagers, They're young, and stuff that's repetitious to you is brand new to them. . There's a smattering of young married women (who, as it turns out, make most of the buying decisions in a family after the teenage years, and yes I know not all of them are married any more). But a more discerning is usually made up of middle aged men who don't have much in the form of disposable income (nerds aside)

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many Employees Does Microsoft Really Need?

rsilvergun This is actually a strength (272 comments)

not a weakness. Microsoft does this is a) to maintain backwards compatibility (which locks businesses in since they'd have to re-purchase or re-write tons of software) and b) to fix bugs and work around limitations in other vendor's software ( again, lock in ).

In office there's something called the 80/20 rule. 80% of your customers only use 20% of your features, but it's a _different_ 20% for just about every customer. There's always 1 feature a customer can't live without. That's what keeps 'em locked in :).

The danger from dropping rarely used features and picking just one way to do things is that you'll force your users to spend lots of money switching over to the 1 way you picked, and they'll start asking if they should look for alternatives.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many Employees Does Microsoft Really Need?

rsilvergun They're finishing off Nokia (272 comments)

and scaling back XBox. The CEO more or less said he wanted to cut XBox because it wasn't profitable enough, and Nokia is a no-brainer. Microsoft lost the smart phone/tablet war big, and they've probably got redundancies to eliminate.

The part that I'm wondering about is with these new, ultra efficient companies that merge up like crazy how much work is there going to be for the rest of us to do? Between that an automation it just looks like we're running out of work to do..

about two weeks ago

Microsoft CEO To Slash 18,000 Jobs, 12,500 From Nokia To Go

rsilvergun Are they just shutting their Cell Phone division? (383 comments)

I find it hard to believe Nokia can lose 12,500 jobs and still be a company. Yeah, yeah, redundancies and all.

Or maybe they can, but what's that mean for the rest of us in this era of mergers where Company A buys Company B and suddenly there are half as many jobs. If that's really the case then we're just plain running out of work to do...

about two weeks ago

Apple Agrees To $450 Million Ebook Antitrust Settlement

rsilvergun Yeah, that's what scares me (91 comments)

Companies don't pay fines until their less than the profit made from the behavior. It's scary to think how much money Apple must have made off fixing the markets.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

rsilvergun Re:I don't know how they pay (509 comments)

Yeah but you can bring guys in to do the work cheap. There's already work being done to open up the work visa program to blue collar labor.

It's like that line from Temple of Doom. "Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away, Dr Jones"...

about two weeks ago

Nano-Pixels Hold Potential For Screens Far Denser Than Today's Best

rsilvergun Re:What's the point? (129 comments)

it may be possible to implant this inside the eye and have augmented reality without p*ssing off the people around you.

Wait, are you suggesting there are _other_ uses for augmented reality? Sir, you've just blown my mind.

about two weeks ago

Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

rsilvergun Re:Betteridge answers (381 comments)

If it's not a calculator and/or transforms into a robot why would you want it?

about two weeks ago

Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

rsilvergun Lots of places don't have potable water (242 comments)

I think the worry with these systems is that as the economy gets worse there's a temptation to stop running them correctly to save money. In the1800s kids drank booze because it was a good way to get safe water...

about two weeks ago

Senator Al Franken Accuses AT&T of "Skirting" Net Neutrality Rules

rsilvergun Not a chance (81 comments)

they'd never make it out of the Sheldon Primary

For those of you that don't know, any serious candidate for office in America gets approved by the top 1% here before they're allowed to run because without the support of the very rich they can't win.

about three weeks ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

rsilvergun Titanfall (502 comments)

Titanfall shipped with the audio decompressed because the alternative was to use a spare core to run the audio decompression. A good sound card takes the load off an overtaxed CPU. If you're rockin' an i5+ then that's not a problem, but otherwise it helps.

about three weeks ago

The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

rsilvergun Not a boondoggle (364 comments)

It's just socialism. This is how we do socialism in the United States. We don't have enough work for people to do any more. Too much outsourcing and too much automation. So we either start letting people die in the streets or we start redistributing wealth.

Thing is we spend most of the 50s-90s talking about how Socialism is Evil (tm) . It's heavily engrained in our populace. So we needed a form of Socialism that Americans could stomach. Enter the "Military Industrial Complex". Eisenhower built it up out of fear of another recession and regretted it. It pretty much warps our entire society...

about three weeks ago

Watch Dogs Graphics and Gameplay: PC Vs. Xbox One, With Surprising Results

rsilvergun Still stuck with an Athlon XP 6000+ (210 comments)

Because it hangs with any rig less than $400. Put a GTX 660 in this year so I could keep gaming in Win 7 after the forced upgrade from XP.

about three weeks ago

US Tech Firms Recruiting High Schoolers (And Younger)

rsilvergun Yep, all you should need (253 comments)

but after 20+ years competing head on with cheaper Indian, Malaysian and Chinese tech workers it's more like BS + on the job + maybe a few years working for free at an internship and your dad knows a guy...

Don't like it? Form a Union and get organized or get another line of work.

about three weeks ago

Oculus Suspends Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales In China

rsilvergun There's lots wrong with it (131 comments)

Just ask Bandai. Scalpers bought up all the Action Figures for their Gundam Seed TV show in America. At one point a figure with an msrp of $15 was going for $150 on ebay and at the big action figure scalper sites.

Thing is, Gundam is a giant robot show, and the toys are a major part of what draws fandom in and gets buzz. Nobody could get the toys without paying 5x-10x msrp. Heck, I didn't even know Bandai had put the show out until I saw some of the toys at the old KB Toy Store for $3 a piece after it had finished bombing and Bandai dumped the remaining stock.

Oh, and if you're in a band and your show gets scalped you might sell 10000 tickets and only 1000 people show up. Thing is, you were planning to sell the other 9,000 ppl who showed up CDs and T-Shirts.

So yeah, scalping hurts. Lots. It's a much more complicated issue than "Just a secondary Market"

about three weeks ago

The AI Boss That Deploys Hong Kong's Subway Engineers

rsilvergun Re:I can't imagine something like that in the U.S. (162 comments)

After 30 years of off shoring Unions are weak and ineffective in America. Laws can and will be changed. Paperwork can be automated and digitally stored and regulators can be captured.

The reason you're not seeing this in America is the top 1% won't pay the taxes for the infrastructure development, and they've got all the money. 1%ers don't use the subway...

about three weeks ago

Study: Global Warming Solvable If Fossil Fuel Subsidies Given To Clean Energy

rsilvergun The way I look at it is this (385 comments)

I have absolutely no power of a large corporation. They're so big I can't boycott them without basically dropping off the grid, in which case I cease to matter anyway. I would need to be a billionaire to have any say in them as an individual.

At least with the Gov't I have a chance, however small. It's happened before. In the 50s, 60s and 70s we saw a massive decline in the power of the aristocracy (fyi, America has an aristocracy, they just don't like to talk about themselves). We saw huge decreases in wealth inequality. Most of this was fueled by Unions along with a bit of the aristocracy turning on itself (Frank Roosevelt). Still, it's _possible_, however unlikely.

And what's the worst that can happend? At the end of the day it doesn't make any difference to me if the jack boot in my neck is a public or private jack boot. Might as well take a chance with Gov't.

about three weeks ago

Grandmother Buys Old Building In Japan And Finds 55 Classic Arcade Cabinets

rsilvergun Declining wages killed malls (133 comments)

more than anything else. Same goes for Arcades. $0.25 cents had a lot more buying power 30 years ago, but then again so did everything else. Arcade operators needed to raise prices to $1 or more a play to be profitable, but very few people can throw that kind of money away for 5 minutes of entertainment. If you're going to hang out at a mall for hours on end you need enough disposable income to do stuff.

I've seen a lot of harebrained theories about what cause the 80's game crash, but fact is it was just a massive recession.

about three weeks ago



Law firm offers H1B Visa Hiring How-To Guide

rsilvergun rsilvergun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

rsilvergun (571051) writes "A Law firm has taken to running symposiums on how to skirt the law regarding H1B Visas. Companies in the United States are required to seek qualified local labor before applying for and receiving an H1B Visa to hire abroad. Slashdotters have always suspected these shenanigans, but here we have documented proof. Have you experienced a job interview where you knew they didn't want to hire you? What recourse do we have in these situations?"
Link to Original Source

Simple data transfer for my Family?

rsilvergun rsilvergun writes  |  more than 6 years ago

rsilvergun (571051) writes "As the family tech, I'm often stuck transferring data from old to new computers. These days, the process can take hours, what with gigs of mp3s, avis and jpegs. What I want is disk imaging software that makes autorunning dvds that prompt to extract the image to a folder, and then prompt for each disk in the set. That way I can make them sort out the data instead of me. I've looked at solutions from Acronis, Runtime and even Norton, and every one of them is just too technical. What do /.'ers do when stuck with this chore?"

rsilvergun rsilvergun writes  |  more than 7 years ago

rsilvergun (571051) writes "Director Uwe Boll, in a bid to silence critics, has taken 5 of them into the ring. This September five of Boll's critics agreed to enter the ring for the upcomming movie Postal. But what started as a pr stunt seems to have ended badly, with some contestants needing medical attention."


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