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PS3 Rumble Controller Confirmed

rubberbandball for those that complain about additional cost (177 comments)

Let's see. My 360 cost me $399+tax, let's just call it $400.

Wireless adapter, because unlike the PS3 there is no built in and i really don't feel like running a cable through my f*cking living room: $100

Wireless headset, because wtf is the point to playing online without it: $60
I realize that i could have bought a less expensive headset, but come on.. WE'RE NEXT GEN HERE!

XBL Account: $100 (it's been 2 years since release folks!)

Total spent:$610, tax withheld.

5 months into owning it, i get a red ring and ship it back to Microsoft. At this point in owning it, my warranty has expired, so they ream me for $150 and almost 6 months of not having a system.

Total cost: $760, tax, AND SHIPPING FEES (they made me pay the return shipping fee, nice touch, withheld.

Let's just add $50, because what's the point of owning a gaming console without having games? I'll even give it the lowball of $50 instead of paying $60. Let's just say i bought viva pinata.

$860 to make my XBOX playable.

As for the PS3, i bought the 60g console at release, $600. And resistance, because that sh*t is awesome.


Now i'm not a math major, (i'm a fund accountant) and i'm not that big of a nerd either, though i do enjoy reading the Dr. Mcninja webcomic. But last time i checked, $860 is more than $650. PS3's bluetooth means i can use my cellphone headset instead of buying a console specific headset for online play, and since it has built in wireless.. well duh. Even if M$ didn't make you pay $150 to fix your console, the cost of the xbox incurred is still $710, which is still $60 more than you're paying for a PS3.

Spending $50 on a controller for rumble is an acceptable cost when you consider the hell that M$ has put some people through.

Unless you're a f*cking moron and bought the HD DVD drive. Then you deserve everything that you get.

more than 7 years ago



Put a robot on the moon, win $30 million

rubberbandball rubberbandball writes  |  more than 7 years ago

rubberbandball (1076739) writes "Google joined with the X Prize Foundation on Thursday to offer up to $30 million in a competition for privately financed groups to reach the moon with robotic rovers.

The X Prize Foundation organized the competition that produced the first privately financed human spaceflights in 2004 with a $10 million purse.



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