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How would you use science to innovate upon sports?

rubmytummy Re:PEDs? (253 comments)

Polyethyene dichloride, an algaecide.

1 year,16 days

I've done my current job in X time zones ...

rubmytummy Should be N (167 comments)

N time zones

about a year ago

Voyager 1 May Be Caught Inside an Interstellar Flux Transfer Event

rubmytummy Well of course not. (120 comments)

Raise your hand if you fell for it this time.

about a year ago

Facebook Autofill Wants To Store Users' Credit Card Info

rubmytummy Awfully hard to trust Facebook (123 comments)

Given the deep contempt that Facebook demonstrates toward even the idea of personal privacy, I don't think I would want to trust them with my credit cards.

about a year ago

NASA Building Network of Smart Cameras Across US

rubmytummy It's a trick! (117 comments)

They're actually setting up to track us all everywhere we go in our flying cars.

more than 3 years ago

Any Open Source Solutions For DIY Auto Diagnostics?

rubmytummy $200 isn't so bad (270 comments)

When I was an "avid tinkerer" (in my case, backyard mechanic), $200 took some scrimping but it was a good price for good tools. It compares pretty favorably with the price of a good-quality torque wrench, and very favorably with that of an air compressor and set of air tools, even cheap ones.

more than 4 years ago

New Treatment Trains Immune System To Kill Cancer

rubmytummy How can it be vaporware...? (62 comments)

if it's in clinical trials? Maybe it won't pan out, but it is a physical product.

more than 5 years ago

I mark U.S. Indepedence Day ...

rubmytummy On the other hand . . . (651 comments)

I used to live in Scotland. The US had a large military presence in the town, so July 4th had a lot of goings on. I remember remarking to a cabbie that he must find it all rather odd. He replied that it wasn't at all strange: celebrating independence from the English made perfect sense to him.

more than 6 years ago



rubmytummy rubmytummy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

rubmytummy (677080) writes "The June 2007 issue of Canadian journal Chest contains the article "Increased Risk of Childhood Asthma From Antibiotic Use in Early Life". [Reuters' popularized summary; Google News page]

From the Chest abstract:

Independent of well-known asthma risk factors, asthma was significantly more likely to develop [at age 7 years] in children who had received antibiotics in the first year of life...
I find this especially interesting for two reasons.
  1. A pathologist friend once told me that what is now known as asthma was in decades past frequently diagnosed as "allergies", especially in children.
  2. I've heard from a number of sources over the years that children who are not exposed to a variety of potential antigens early on are more likely to develop allergies later in life.
A few disparate citations.
[Apologies: Biotech is the closest-to-relevant topic on the submission page.]"

Link to Original Source

rubmytummy rubmytummy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

rubmytummy (677080) writes "Best Buy is buying out Speakeasy for "about $97 million"[Reuters].

From an email sent by Speakeasy CEO Bruce Chatterly to current Speakeasy subscribers:

I am pleased to announce that Speakeasy has been acquired by Best Buy, an innovative and growing Fortune 100 company and the top consumer electronics retailer in North America. This is a significant milestone for our company as our new relationship will help us realize our goals of becoming the No. 1 provider of voice and data solutions to small businesses. It is important to note that though Speakeasy will now be a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy, we will continue to operate as a standalone, independent operating division with headquarters in Seattle.


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