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Wal-Mart Sells Linux Computer

ruffnsc ruffnsc writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ruffnsc (895839) writes "Linux, the free operating system that's a perpetual underdog in the desktop market, is showing up in computers in Wal-Mart stores this week for the first time. Should we still call them evil?"

ruffnsc ruffnsc writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ruffnsc (895839) writes "I have just started looking for for a job in a new city. Lots of the postings I see say that preference is given to applicants that are local. I have a friend that lives the area that is willing to let me use their address for my resume and other provided information. I feel that in the tech industry my location shouldn't matter as much. I can schedule an interview and fly out as necessary. I realize that I wouldn't get reimbursed for expenses but I'm not worried about that. What are the community's thoughts?"

ruffnsc ruffnsc writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ruffnsc (895839) writes "the story here
" Up to a quarter of computers on the net may be used by cyber criminals in so-called botnets" said Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet. Claiming that millions of computers are under the control of criminals via trojans will be the nets likely future. Guess I better upgrade to Vista to be safe."

ruffnsc ruffnsc writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ruffnsc (895839) writes "Ebay yesterday announced it has agreed to acquire privately held StubHub, a leading online marketplace for the resale of event tickets. The acquisition will enable eBay to expand its presence and offering in the online tickets segment, while allowing StubHub to continue to scale its business with the e-commerce expertise and resources of eBay. "StubHub has been extremely successful in the online tickets segment, and it's a perfect complement to eBay's tickets business," said Bill Cobb, president, eBay North America Marketplaces. "Together we can strengthen both businesses and provide fans with more choice and better service." Link Here"

ruffnsc ruffnsc writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ruffnsc (895839) writes "Cisco Systems is suing Apple Computer for trademark infringement in a US federal court, for using the iPhone name. Apple launched its new handheld device under the iPhone name on Tuesday, at the Macworld event in San Francisco. Following the launch Cisco said it hoped to resolve the matter by Tuesday evening after negotiations. — BBC News"



I'm a Troll?

ruffnsc ruffnsc writes  |  more than 7 years ago So I made a posting not too long ago kind of cracking a joke at our friends across the pond in the UK. It was about how they have artifacts of other countries blah blah. Nothing to serious or so I thought. I am not a frequent /.'er and thus do not have karma points any submitted stories or anything like that. I do reply to the occasional post every so often. But then I see that I was modded to be a troll from that post. Wow. Cool I thought. Then I look around a little and I notice my karma is bad. hmmm that sucks. Then I see my posts no longer get any positive points for posting! That really sucks. So if anyone wants to positive mod this n00b so I can feel ok about myself please feel free to do so :) Thanks! Or maybe tell me whats going on cause I am still kinda confused what bad karma means. How long I am stuck with it etc etc.

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