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Wolfram Alpha Launches Tonight, On Camera

rufusdufus I lose (218 comments)

The service came back up and after a refresh I got the answer: 8807x266036516222956587976539552151. Impressive.

more than 5 years ago

Wolfram Alpha Launches Tonight, On Camera

rufusdufus Re:Amusing (218 comments)

I asked it to factor 2342983598375578670309383835793857
and now the service is dead.

Captain Kirk would be proud of us!

more than 5 years ago

Mathematics Reading List For High School Students?

rufusdufus Telling students the material is hard is foolish (630 comments)

It seems likes kids only do what you tell them not to do, so this advice may seem wise. However, this is a form of confirmation bias; adults notice when kids don't listen because mainly because they usually do.
If you tell someone a student some skill is difficult, they will believe you. You have set them up to expect failure. This expectation is easy to meet, and most students will give up early.
If you tell a student something is easy, they are likely to believe you. Believing a subject is easy, they are more likely to follow through to mastery because they have been set up to expect success.
Reverse psychology is a trick. Tricking students is a way to alienate them; it may work on the few, but the many will respond better to affirmative attitudes.

more than 5 years ago

NASA and Google To Back New "Singularity University"

rufusdufus Re:This is a bait and switch scam (294 comments)

Its both. Its a double-entendre. They inflate themselves by implying that they only accept bigwigs, but also, that these people are beneath them. These guys totally disrespect their clients: c-level surely means in their minds means average, at sea-level, ie dipshit.

more than 5 years ago

NASA and Google To Back New "Singularity University"

rufusdufus This is a bait and switch scam (294 comments)

Take a look at http://singularity-university.org/.

They have 3 programs. The one that makes the news is the graduate student program with 30 students total.
But if you are 'interested' you can send them your CV over internet. Is this because they are actually going to accept random applications from internet to fill 30 spots?
Of course not. They are going to deny you the big prize by implying that you are not good enough, and then offer you the 10 or 3 day 'executive' programs.
Yup, you are going to learn how to achieve the singularity in a 3 day 'c-level' executive seminar.
[The hubris of calling your potential clients 'c-level' boggles my mind]

more than 5 years ago

Discuss the US Presidential Election & Education

rufusdufus Federal government has little to do with education (1515 comments)

Promises about improvement in education by federal politicians are pure pandering.
See this chart.

See how small a percent of education is actually funded by the federal government. It should be obvious that even significant changes to federal spending will have an insignificant effect. They spend in a whole year what they spend in Iraq in less than 3 months.


more than 6 years ago


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