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Mac OS X out and faster than Linux?

rullskidor but very slow...and very unimportant (440 comments)

>Will Apple kill off MkLinx?
(notice the word APPLE in the question?)

I still really doesn't think apple care a bit about MkLinux, just leaving one developer to the project.

please note that I have only said MKLINUX is as good as dead, NOT mach or mac linux or anything.

Ive said that MkLinux (as an apple project) is as good as killed off. Of cource the sources are free and will be free but apple doesn't care about it any more.

The main purpose of MkLinux was as I see it to start the linux development for mac, and it did, now we have LinuxPPC and don't need mklinux anymore. It is slower and it is older so why care. Apple doesn't

Of cource a lot of people have downloaded and bought it, it was the only linux for mac when it was released, but as soon as you've tried the real kernel instead of mach you see how much faster it is and will never go back to mach.

Probably apple will use some parts of the mach kernel in OS X but thats something totally different than MK LINUX

Please tell my a good reason why MkLinux is better than the "real thing"?

/my opinion

more than 15 years ago


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