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rw2 Re:Hubris! (570 comments)

At least that way my commute is shorter.

Yup. Look at it this way. As long as those interruptions take less time on an average day than your commute would have then you are still time ahead.

I've worked from home for several different customers (I'm a consultant) over the last 12 years and gotten of ton of my life back.

60 minute average round trip
200 commute days a year
200 hours
12 years of doing this is 2400 hours
You're only awake 16 hours or so each day so 2400 hours is 150 days

That's almost half a year I've gotten back just in reduced commute.

There are also significant money savings. A car costs about 30 cents a mile to operate. Let's assume your average speed is going to be 40 over the course of your commute. That's almost $29,000 in auto costs saved simply by not going to the office.

Lot's of people go out for lunch every day. That's another $17,000 in savings over the last 12 year.

I've also seen that many more employers allow flexible scheduling. Probably partly because they know they can't monitor you closely and partly because they already believe they can measure output or you wouldn't be working from home. As a result you can much more frequently work the hours that suit you than in an office setting. Yesterday, for example, I started at about 09:00, worked until 14:00 went to the doctor, played a couple hours of soccer (yeah! first indoor games of the season) and got home at about 21:00. Wrapped up a few things I had left hanging and called it a night.

Between the half a year I've gotten back, $40K I've saved, the flexible hours and the more quiet environment I'm sold. I'll keep doing this as long as I can.

more than 8 years ago


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