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BP Finds Way To Bypass US Crude Export Ban

rwise2112 Re:Which is why corporations are born criminals (247 comments)

They're only breaking the spirit of the law, not the letter.

True. They are 'getting around' the law against exporting crude, by not exporting crude. It seems the law needs to be amended to define better what is considered exportable if they want to stop this.

Perhaps they should get rid of the ban altogether? Seriously, with the trade deficit spiraling out of control, it makes no sense at all to ban exports. Rather than question BP for 'getting around' the law, we should question why we have such bad law in the first place.

Agreed. That's why I said 'if they want to stop this'.

about a month and a half ago

BP Finds Way To Bypass US Crude Export Ban

rwise2112 Re:Which is why corporations are born criminals (247 comments)

They're only breaking the spirit of the law, not the letter.

True. They are 'getting around' the law against exporting crude, by not exporting crude. It seems the law needs to be amended to define better what is considered exportable if they want to stop this.

about a month and a half ago

3D Maps Reveal a Lead-Laced Ocean

rwise2112 Re:Romans (266 comments)

Don't forget about ammunition.

about 2 months ago

3D Maps Reveal a Lead-Laced Ocean

rwise2112 Re:Romans (266 comments)

Do you?

I'm not sure about the reassembling part. I don't think it is capable of that without maybe some extreme heat and pressure or something.

Good point. And actually comparing it to lead ore shows it's not that different.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Should I Get Google Glass?

rwise2112 Re:Yes. (421 comments)

You're all the old man yelling at the kid to "get offa my yard"

Get the F

about 2 months ago

TSA: Confiscating Aluminum Foil and Watching Out For Solar Powered Bombs

rwise2112 Re:Won't somebody please think of the tinfoil hats (289 comments)

The TSA already has half the world paranoid as to their intentions, and now they've taken away people's ability to put on a trusty tinfoil hat? This is the step too far.

Don't worry, they'll just give you more on the plane anyway. Last time I flew the meal was served covered with foil and I got a soda in an aluminum can.

about 2 months ago

Britain's GCHQ Attacked Anonymous Supporters With DDoS

rwise2112 Re:Devil's Advocate... (133 comments)

The police are not permitted

False. What we are finding is that a badge and gun are all the permit needed.

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

about 2 months ago

AMD Catalyst Driver To Enable Mantle, Fix Frame Pacing, Support HSA For Kaveri

rwise2112 Re:R9 290X vs 650 Ti Boost (71 comments)

I was really disappointed by the comparative performance of the AMD 290x 4GB vs my nVidia 650 Ti Boost 2GB.

The nVidia let's me run games like Borderlands 2 and Skyrim at max settings on my old Core 2 Duo smoothly, yet the 290X hitches and drags, almost as if it were streaming the gameplay from the hard drive. I expected a card with 2000+ shaders to be faster than that.

If my processor isn't bottlenecking the 650s performance too badly, at least the 290X should be able to cap out at something reasonable.

That doesn't make any sense, as I've got a 7850 that runs Skyrim at max settings with no problem, but I do have an i7 processor.

about 3 months ago

Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

rwise2112 Re:Full retard (723 comments)

It means nothing. Recommended reading here: http://www.1010tires.com/store...

Yes, all of that is true, but all season tires are passable in the snow. If fact, for Canada, only about 50% of the people put on snow tires in the winter, yet we all get around fine. I have snow tires on my current car, but left all season tires on my previous one, so I've done both. Snow has never stopped me from getting to work.

about 3 months ago

Microsoft Joins Open Compute Project, Will Share Server Designs

rwise2112 Re:Cloud (90 comments)

Sounds like what OwnCloud does, but I don't know all the details of how it works.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Improve My Memory For Study?

rwise2112 Re:Sleep study (384 comments)

I find vigorous sex at bedtime really helps me to fall asleep quickly. Unfortunately, I've been wearing a cast on my hand for the last two weeks and my quality of sleep has really suffered.

Remind me of one of David Letterman's Top Ten Lists from a long time ago:

Surprises from a recent sex survey:

For teenage boys, the most frequeny fantasy during sex is ..... having a partner!

about 3 months ago

How Do You Move a City?

rwise2112 Re:How Do You Move a City? (172 comments)


Its not like there is any rush.

If fact this is old news. According to Wikipedia "The ground deformations became apparent in 2003, and the redevelopment started in 2007."

about 3 months ago

Illinois Law Grounds PETA Drones Meant To Harass Hunters

rwise2112 Re:Land of the Free! (370 comments)

deliberately use their loud RC aircraft to harass people and spook wildlife

Spooking wildlife with an aircraft is already illegal according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

about 4 months ago

What Sci-Fi Movies Teach Us About Project Management Skills

rwise2112 Re:SF and project management (186 comments)

Admiral Motti: Any attack made by the Rebels against this station would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they've obtained. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe.

Stewie (Darth Vader): That is fantastic. Terrific work. So no weaknesses at all?

Admiral Motti: N... no.

Stewie (Darth Vader): You, uh, you hesitated there. Is there something I should know?

Admiral Motti: No, it's virtually indestructible, like 99.99%.

Stewie (Darth Vader): Uh, okay, wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask what's the 0.01?

Admiral Motti: Well, I mean, there's this little hole. It was kind of an aesthetic choice by the architect. And if you shoot a laser into this hole, the station blows up.

Stewie (Darth Vader): Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That sounds like a pretty big design flaw, then.

Admiral Motti: No, no, the hole's only two meters across.

Mayor Adam West (Grand Moff Tarkin): Well, that's no bigger than a womp rat.

Admiral Motti: Exactly. And even to get within range of it, you have to skim along this whole trench. It's not a big deal.

Stewie (Darth Vader): Can't we board it up or, you know, put some plywood over it or something?

Admiral Motti: Well, that would look terrible. I mean, we gotta think about resale.

Stewie (Darth Vader): Resale? What are you talking about? This property is right above Sunset. The value is only going to go up.

Admiral Motti: Lord Vader, your inside references to the Los Angeles real estate market haven't given you the clairvoyance to turn a profit on that condo in Glendale. Nor has it...

Stewie (Darth Vader): [Vader begins to choke him] I find your lack of faith disturbing. That property is in a prime location! Twenty minutes to the beach, twenty minutes to downtown!

Admiral Motti: [choking] There's nothing to do downtown!

Mayor Adam West (Grand Moff Tarkin): Enough of this! Vader, release him!

Stewie (Darth Vader): As you wish.

[releases Tagge]

Stewie (Darth Vader): All right, so were' going to plug up that hole?

Imperial Officer: Yeah, we can get it done tomorrow if price is no object.

Stewie (Darth Vader): Ehhhh...

Imperial Officer: We'll get estimates.

Stewie (Darth Vader): Get estimates, yeah, yeah.

about 4 months ago

Company That Made the First 3D Printed Metal Gun Is Selling Them For $11,900

rwise2112 Re:Ironically, the first Highway Robbery committed (182 comments)

It isn't about the price of the printed gun, it is about exclusivity. This gun is a limited edition, and will be from the set of the first 100 metal guns ever made by using a printer. That is bound to give the gun some value that exceeds the sum of its parts.

So does Solid Concept have good worker benefits?

about 4 months ago

How To Avoid a Scramble For the Moon and Its Resources

rwise2112 Re:nothing of any us to us on moon (365 comments)

If we mine a shitload of material out of the moon, won't that affect it's gravitational effect on the planet?

Any more than the current effect of the moon moving away from the earth?

about 4 months ago

Unreleased 1963 Beatles Tracks On Sale To Preserve Copyright

rwise2112 Re:Write a song, get sued (230 comments)

So before I publish a song, what should I do to know what I may have accidentally ripped off?

I don't know. Maybe ask Vanilla Ice? - oh 'accidentally' - I don't have an answer.

about 4 months ago

Unreleased 1963 Beatles Tracks On Sale To Preserve Copyright

rwise2112 Re:Apple or Apple Corps (230 comments)

Is that produced by Apple Computer or Apple Corps?

Neither, it's produced by Apple Cores.

So... multicore. Who has a patent on that?

about 4 months ago



TSA Screening Barely Working Better Than Chance

rwise2112 rwise2112 writes  |  about 5 months ago

rwise2112 (648849) writes "The General Accounting Office (GAO) has completed a study of the TSAs SPOT (Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques) program and found the program is only slightly better than chance at finding criminals. Given that the TSA has spent almost a billion dollars on the program, that's a pretty poor record. As a result, the GAO is requesting that both Congress and the president withhold funding from the program until the TSA can demonstrate its effectiveness."
Link to Original Source

Americans Dumber Than World Average

rwise2112 rwise2112 writes  |  about 6 months ago

rwise2112 (648849) writes "A new global report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development finds that Americans rank well below the worldwide average in just about every measure of skill. In math, reading, and technology-driven problem-solving, the United States performed worse than nearly every other country in the group of developed nations."
Link to Original Source

EDA Destroys Printers, Cameras, Keyboards, and Mice to combat Malware

rwise2112 rwise2112 writes  |  about 9 months ago

rwise2112 (648849) writes "A security contractor declared EDA's systems largely clean, but found malware on six systems and advised these were easily repaired by reimaging the affected machines.

The CIO of the EDA, however, fearing that the agency was under attack from a nation-state, insisted instead on a policy of physical destruction. The EDA destroyed not only (uninfected) desktop computers but also printers, cameras, keyboards, and even mice. The destruction only stopped—sparing $3 million of equipment—because the agency had run out of money to pay for destroying the hardware."

Link to Original Source

Apple Files Patent for New Proprietary Port

rwise2112 rwise2112 writes  |  about 10 months ago

rwise2112 (648849) writes "Apple proposes a solution to multiple port requirements within limited space: the two in one port. The port is described as a "Combined Input Port", where two different interfaces could be in one port.

The input port includes an outer wall defining a receiving aperture, a substrate positioned within the receiving aperture. One set of contacts is configured to communicate with a first connector and the second set of contacts is configured to communicate with a second connector.

Looks like another addition to the special (expensive) Apple cable lineup."

Link to Original Source

Google Says You May Not Resell, Loan, Transfer, or Give Google Glass to Another

rwise2112 rwise2112 writes  |  1 year,1 day

rwise2112 (648849) writes "According to Google: "Google reserves the right to deactivate the device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty." if you resell, loan, transfer, or give away Google Glass."
Link to Original Source

Memory Effect Also Discovered in Lithium-ion Batteries

rwise2112 rwise2112 writes  |  1 year,4 days

rwise2112 (648849) writes "Lithium-ion batteries have long been thought to be free of the memory effects of other rechargable batteries. However, this appears to be not the case. Scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, together with colleagues from the Toyota Research Laboratories in Japan have now however discovered that a widely-used type of lithium-ion battery has a memory effect."
Link to Original Source

Researchers use synthetic magnetism to control light

rwise2112 rwise2112 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

rwise2112 (648849) writes "Stanford researchers in physics and engineering have demonstrated a device that produces a synthetic magnetism to exert virtual force on photons similar to the effect of magnets on electrons. The advance could yield a new class of nanoscale applications that use light instead of electricity."
Link to Original Source


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