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Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

rwv Re:Try Kickstarting A Novel (215 comments)

I'm not sure I see the point in paying any significant amount of money for eBook cover art, but to each his own. The average cover art for an eBook is going to be shown Icon Size on an eReader menu. No?

I agree editing is key and being able to pay editors frees an author to do other things. But wouldn't high editor fees equate to the equivalent of the "unpolished/lousy prototype" type project that this thread is saying shouldn't go through KS anyway?

My KS pet peeve is seeing typographic errors in project descriptions. What chance is there that the end product will be polished if the requester doesn't have sense to polish the request for money that they are putting out there?

about a week ago

Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

rwv Re:Try Kickstarting A Novel (215 comments)

Sell an eBook on Kickstarter and keep 95% of the sales (or whatever KS skims off the top which I think is 5-10%). :-)

about a week ago

Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

rwv Re:Yeah, so? (215 comments)

A video game of a card game is still fundamentally a card game. A KS project to implement a video game based on a card game that already exists (whether it be published or not) is a more attractive KS than one to invent a new video game card game that only exists in the "idea phase" of the designer's head. Right?

about a week ago

Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone

rwv Re:3GB extra data usage per month! (131 comments)

An extra 3GB of data sent to a casual users ought to earn Facebook some kickbacks from cellphone providers!

So maybe that's their new business model? Deliver content, earn kickbacks? This actually seems much more lucrative than being an advertizing company since cellular phone companies have been clamping down on Monthly Allowances for the past few years.

about two weeks ago

California Man Sues Sony Because Killzone: Shadowfall Isn't Really 1080p

rwv Re:Nathan Fillion is speechless.gif (286 comments)

I don't get what the .gif is supposed to mean. Are you trying to reference an image? Why didn't you hyperlink to it?

Fucking puerile moron.

Boy, that escalated quickly!

.jpg :)

Whatever... I learned a new word today! puerile.png FTW.

about a month and a half ago

The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...

rwv Blinker Light for Car (196 comments)

Cost $7 for two bulbs at AutoZone so I choose the $5+ option. I figure I bought 1 bulb for $7 and got a backup for free (so next time the blinker needs replacement I won't need to make another purchase).

about 3 months ago

Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost As Bad As Google's

rwv Re:Bad? (435 comments)

Are you trolling? I neither mentioned "white" or even "minorities". Hiring based on certain factors is illegal. Period. There are laws that exist. I don't care to reference them. Go look them up yourself. Company's need to take minimum steps to ensure they follow these laws. End of discussion.

about 3 months ago

Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost As Bad As Google's

rwv Re:Bad? (435 comments)

Are you accusing these companies of racist hiring practices?

No. Speaking generally.

General demographics of the company's employees is not evidence.

Correct. But Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and every other big company with complicated organizational structures where hiring decisions aren't centralized should be aware that the people they trust to make hiring decision sometimes have selfish motivations behind their decisions. I don't think you'd disagree with the generalized statement that "racist people exist" and extrapolating that to "racist people who make hiring decisions exist" isn't too much of a leap of faith. I'm not saying Google, Facebook, or Yahoo employ racists who make hiring decisions. I'm saying they ought to have some checks and balances in place to guard against allowing illegal practices from occurring within their organizations.

My post was a reply to the question "Why should company's care about this at all?" because I think there are very real reasons why companies should care even if they have no real reason to suspect their hiring managers are acting unlawfully.

about 3 months ago

Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost As Bad As Google's

rwv Re:Bad? (435 comments)

Why would Google/Facebook/Yahoo or any other company be paying attention to the race, gender or religion when hiring?

Company's aren't supposed to be racist. People are occasionally racist. People do hiring. Hiring is liable to be racist if the people doing the hiring are racist. Company's have a responsibility to monitor the people doing the hiring to minimize racism within that process. If a company does pass over a better qualified minority because of racism (or sexism, for that matter) that is a problem for the company.

about 3 months ago

Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

rwv Re:Barnes and Nobles still lets you preorder (210 comments)

The usual villain here is Walmart. They have been abusing suppliers long before Amazon got in the act.

Point of consideration that Walmart bullies around smaller suppliers while Amazon is taking a stand against one of the major publishers with Hachette and Warner Bros which is operated by Time Warner who is currently seeking Anti-Trust approval to merge with Comcast.

If anything, Amazon's ability to stand up to Big Media seems to be in the best interest of consumers. Big Media is where the evil monopolies seem to be. Amazon's power over online sales relies on convenience, their customer supplied rating/feedback system, and their pricing policies. Amazon wants to charge small for high quality because cheap crap will be rated as such on Amazon and nobody will buy it. Meanwhile Walmart wants to charge small for low quality because who cares about customers and suppliers if they can earn 20% of half a Trillion bucks each year (

about 3 months ago

Netflix Trash-Talks Verizon's Network; Verizon Threatens To Sue

rwv Re:Redbox Instant (364 comments)

As a policy Netflix doesn't promote or advertize Redbox Instant.

about 3 months ago

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the LA Clippers For $2 Billion

rwv Re:What a punishment (270 comments)

If I had a dime for every dime I have...

If I had $2 billion for every time you've said that...

about 4 months ago

Apple Can Extract Texts, Photos, Contacts From Locked iPhones

rwv Re:The actual article (202 comments)

if the user does a remote wipe

I do not claim to know details... but as you mentioned a remote wipe won't work on a phone that is powered off and there are things known as Faraday Cage that should block signals once the time to power on the device and take evidence off it arrives.

about 4 months ago

A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP

rwv Re:There is one issue here (1030 comments)

Can you explain to me... are there significant people who go "Off Grid" or are users with solar panels just offsetting part of the cost of their power?

I thought a small percent who have panels are producing more energy than they consume allowing them to "sell" it to the power company which means that they are due some amount of money... but still part of the Grid.

about 10 months ago

More Evidence That Piracy Can Increase Sales

rwv Re:what about the musicians? (196 comments)

Between government meddling with regulations, oversight and taxation, and the whole "occupy" crowd making villains of those who have sacrificed for years to become successful, it's a wonder any entrepreneurs still exist.

Successful capitalists -- anybody who has more capital than they could spend in 100 lifetimes -- get an opportunity to allocate funds to things that benefit society. They earn the right to share the future. Too many pour billions of dollars into elections to buy regulations that have consensus not to benefit society. When so many successful capitalists are perceived to be focused on harming society like this, they are demonized.

Alas, the contributions of super-capitalists like Gates, Buffett, and Zuckerberg to try to benefit society get overlooked.

about a year ago

More Evidence That Piracy Can Increase Sales

rwv Re:and maybe rape makes woman more likely to put o (196 comments)

(except for publishers that constantly churn out shit games)

But most publishers occasionally churn out shit games. I think the game industry whole prefer that you spent more money on shit games OR spent money on trade magazines that tell you what games are shit or not. Your system, reasonable as it may be, ensures that money only gets spent on GOOD games which FORCES the industry to value high quality. I'm sure you know how much harder churning out a QUALITY games than shit games. It's A LOT harder.

The main focus of piracy on music... though... I think as long as the industry isn't suing people for thousands of dollars for downloading music than everybody is happy. I haven't heard of any recent high profile music lawsuit cases... so I assume this has basically stopped. Right?

about a year ago

Flash Mobs of Trading Robots Coalescing To Rule Markets

rwv Re:So far removed from anything useful for society (251 comments)

This sort of financial activities is complete economic nonsense, as it brings nothing of value to people,

Indeed, economics is a zero-sum game. For every dollar somebody gains, somebody else loses a dollar.

companies or other concerns that actually produce something useful to society as a whole.

So companies are good, but buying and selling ownership rights of companies is very, very bad.

Just reading the /. blurb should be enough to convince anyone that "robot trading" is a parasitic activity that should be taxed to oblivion

Not to mention the slice of the software industry whose bread-and-butter is "robot trading" software.

- by ways of a tax based on the speed of trading for instance -

"Sir, I pulled you over for doing 85 transactions per second in a 65 TPS zone."

and financial markets forced to become what they're supposed to be:

Financial tools for accumulating wealth?

places for investors to invest in real economic activities for the long haul.

So buying and selling ownership rights of companies is actually a good thing. I should get on that.

In all seriousness... lots of people and businesses struggle to "earn" more than they spend in a given month. The stock markets, however, offer people one option in case they have somehow managed to earn more than they need each month. The businesses who run the stock market are therefore entrusted in these people's wealth that is being accumulated for their retirement. People are free to use or ignore the stock market retirement companies. Some people may even be able to outperform these organizations in the long term because of lower overhead costs. Everybody else, however, trusts their retirement in these companies with deep pockets and access to "advantages" such as "trading robots" that maximize their retirement accounts. To this end... somebody else pays to balance those gains which is where TFS talks about being a "prey" instead of being a "predator". At the end of the day, though, if you think of the stock market as "Supplemental Social Security" (at least in US where SS is an implementation of a government-operated retirement organization) then maybe you'll be able to rest easier.

1 year,8 days

Flash Mobs of Trading Robots Coalescing To Rule Markets

rwv Re:Should be a tax on every transaction (251 comments)

There should be a tax maybe .001 cents per transaction.

Why? No one has explained why anything needs to be done at all. It's all "rich people are making money therefore we need to screw it up for them".

Usage taxes are very common. Many jurisdictions have toll roads and parking meters for collecting funds when users elect to use those public resources. Congress controls interstate commerce within which these equity markets are classified and holds the rights to act when members of the public are misusing a market. I can't say whether I believe that trading algorithms are misusing the market, but it would be completely rational for Congress to institute a usage tax on equity market transactions if they felt misuse was occurring.

Fact is... though... that small usage taxes would be cost of doing business for successful trading algorithms and would cost regular users more money (theoretically lower profits, in both cases).... so Congress shouldn't rush into any decision to change the current system.

1 year,8 days

Final Mars One Numbers Are In, Over 200,000 People Applied

rwv Re:I would have... (176 comments)

TFS shoud say "wanting to be amongst the first human to die on Mars" instead of "the first human settlers on Mars" because they are going to have significant problems with having enough food, Martian storms, and maintaining livable temperatures (though, I'll give them the benefit of doubt that breathable air and water are problems that have largely been solved by research on the International Space Station).

1 year,10 days


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rwv rwv writes  |  about 5 years ago

There's a phrase in the programming world that is customary when you're using something for the first time.

It is, "Hello, World."

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