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World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

ryanw Legalize drugs (474 comments)

I was initially hesitant with the legalization of pot in California and the other states. But what's fascinating is that now people get their weed from controlled environments instead some back alley with a drug dealer pushing lots of other stuff as well.

I could be 1000% wrong as I have no data to back this up, but it made me think the streets have been safer in California since the legalization of pot. Anyone have any data to back that idea up? Any stats of declining use of other more serious drugs? Maybe it hasn't been enough time yet?

about 6 months ago

Mac OS 10.9's Mail App — Infinity Times Your Spam

ryanw Re:Whar is wrong with programmers? (158 comments)

I mean, it is a MAIL program, not a revolutionary new product. The protocols have been out there for years (esp. IMAP). Why is it still buggy? Even worse: why is it buggier than the previous version? If it worked before THERE IS NO F*ING EXCUSE FOR IT NOT TO WORK NOW. Very very very lame.

I would imagine they have uplifted the app and re-written a large portion of the application to work with new interfaces like outlook or whatever. Also perhaps they're trying to do something new with spam in specific to help reduce spam as a whole when using various services. This is a bad bug, and could cause a lot of problems for service providers if it's legitimate and not a "single case", but bugs happen. I'm surprised nobody caught it with the beta versions. Apple has been surprisingly good lately about getting developers the beta versions of the OS before the release. Due to the intense secrecy of apple, in the past, developers didn't get access to the later versions of OSX until the same time as the consumers. This used to be a nightmare when dealing with professional software and drivers for anything beyond what came with the mac.

about a year ago

Mac OS 10.9's Mail App — Infinity Times Your Spam

ryanw Re:Gave up on Mail.app years ago (158 comments)

Seems like Mail.app has been getting worse since about 2003. I finally gave up on it about 5 years ago - in favor of gmail's web interface. At first I was a little disgusted with myself - but I've never regretted it.

I still use mail on my iOS devices, though. Have not yet seen a better UI for those.

I agree. I find myself using too many machines, in too many places to really care about a desktop version of the mail program, especially now that my mail storage is using about 15GB of data. The only "mail app" I use is the built in app on my iPhone, otherwise all web portals for me.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow?

ryanw Apple OS Upgrade Expectations (OSX & iOS) (488 comments)

When upgrading my mac computers I have always seen a significant boost in performance on the same hardware (obviously).

When upgrading the iOS devices I have found the opposite to be true. Each new version, on existing hardware, is slower but the feature set expands incredibly.

I think this is because iOS started out as an infant and did what it was supposed to do really well and performed really well on the hardware it was designed on, and had features that only worked on the existing hardware. But as iOS has matured, so has the feature set.... There are incredible search engines, graphics engines, Siri, and tons more... this has required increasing hardware capabilities to keep up with the features. .... So the trick with iOS is don't expect to get performance gains with iOS updates unless you update your hardware at the same time. Each new iOS version brings new bells and whistles, but not performance. With each iOS capable hardware device you should expect significant performance boosts.

about a year ago

Apple Has a Lot In Common With The Rolling Stones (Video)

ryanw Speculation & time to market is the killer (147 comments)

I think the real buzz kill is the massive leaks, rumors and speculation of what apple is doing compounded by their secrecy, and lack of being able to be first to market due to their desire to be the best which makes it take longer to execute and allows for only incremental updates to existing products.

I appreciate apple's due diligence to make amazing products which have the best overall complete end-to-end experience for consumers hands down. But with the leaks happening it's letting people speculate and come to conclusions that are even more grand than apple is going to release. This creates a sense of disappointment at the times of announcements. For example, people had speculated we would see the appleTV Television with integrated iSight camera at this product announcement. Since it didn't happen, and only other things which we already knew (5c, 5s, finger scanner, faster processors, updated camera) there wasn't a lot of room for surprise.

The only surprise I saw was the dual colored led flash. Everything else I seemed to have already heard about and seen leaks on the Internet for several weeks if not months.

If apple wants to keep surprising us, they need to close the loop on their leaks, or show us products sooner to be the first to introduce it to us, instead of the rumor mill.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Best To Disconnect Remote Network Access?

ryanw Re:Short answer? Yes. (284 comments)


Put in a managed switch, log in the switch to enable / disable the port when you want... <yawn> ...

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Admits To Being Hacked Too

ryanw Let's be honest (92 comments)

Microsoft wants to join in because OSX is in the spotlight. Other companies have already admitted infiltration with the hack, so this gives them an opportunity to shine a bright light on OSX' security issues away from their own for a brief minute.

about 2 years ago

A Proposal To Fix the Full-Screen X11 Window Mess

ryanw Easy Fix (358 comments)

When a game starts, it wants the entire desktop, it doesn't want the other desktop elements at all, no dock, no icons, interaction, etc.

Why isn't there a function to create a new virtual desktop at any resolution you want and leave the other desktop untouched? So when you switch between them it knows to switch resolutions as well. Have the resolution tag part of the desktop, so when you switch between them it knows what to switch to.

Seems like an easy fix.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Book Or Game To Introduce Kids To Programming?

ryanw Adventure games!! (246 comments)

I seriously attribute my love for adventure games to help me refine my troubleshooting skills and drive to "find the answer".

I believe that it's troubleshooting and the drive to find the answer that makes someone stand out in the work place, whether it's programming or anything else.

I played a lot of Kings Quest, The Secret of Monkey Island, Space Quest, Myst, etc.

more than 2 years ago

Hiring Smokers Banned In South Florida City

ryanw Re:Make it illegal (1199 comments)

Don't take away their freedom to do something they enjoy.

I don't know if anybody "enjoys" smoking. They probably enjoyed it the first year or two when it was cool to hang out with the friends and feel cool "smoking", but nobody enjoys smelling like that all day long, or having their breath stink, or have your body take the toll it goes through from smoking. It's something that starts out socially, and then slowly but surely becomes incorporated into their daily living experience as a vice.

Someone needs to come up with some new "cool" way for people who hardly know each other can hang out and feel part something that doesn't involved sex, drugs, alcohol or smoking something. Smoking is a gateway to feel like you have friends. If you ask a stranger for a bite of a hamburger or a couple french fries they're going to think you're insane, ask for a light or a cigarette and they'll put down whatever they're doing and reach in their pocket and gladly help you out.

Same thing goes with the workforce. If you want to feel immediately cool, follow the group of people down to the smoking section and immediately there's a group of people who welcome you in to make you feel like you have a group of people to hang out with and talk to. Plus who can argue with going outside and talking with people all day long? It seems like smokers get the free-pass to leave their desk anytime they feel like it, and they have a good excuse.

With the high-school social desires of teens and interoffice acceptance of smoking it makes for tough competitor to "nothing".

Instead of putting all this money towards increased anti-smoking campaigns, all they would need to do is funnel a little bit of money into some sort of "social spots" that have gum, some candy, soda, water, nice chairs, and a place where it's accepted to hang out and talk for a few minutes and move on. This would give people the gratification they want to go into an area and hang out for a few minutes, talk, and go back to work. I think the problem with this idea is that there's no acceptable "need" to go down there every few hours. People might look at you as a slacker hanging down there, whereas the smoker doesn't get deemed a slacker for "going for a smoke"..

more than 2 years ago

Can Anyone Become a Programmer?

ryanw Re:There is nothing special about programming (767 comments)

I think it requires a certain level of intelligence as a minimum. Nothing incredibly special but above average

There you have it. You think being able to program makes you special in some way or indicates that you're above average.

Here's the truth: Any idiot can write code. Hell, half of Slashdot taught themselves to program when they were between the ages of 8-13.

All it takes is the will to learn something new. It's no different than learning to work on cars. Do you think auto-mechanics have these same discussions? No. They're more emotionally stable, apparently, than the average developer.

Yeah, just about anyone can learn to write computer programs. Just like every who has ever learned to write code, they'll get better and better as they gain experience

Being able to write computer programs does not make you special. Get over yourself.

I think the problem is that people are trying to answer the question with a "one size fits all" approach to answering the question. Sure anybody who can make toast can program. But not everybody can make a toaster.

What I mean by that is you mentioned that the average joe mechanics don't have these conversations, but you have to consider that the average mechanic is not making the advancements or creating the car from pouring casts and machining the parts. They're assembling or disassembling. There is creativity in finding a problem with a car before taking the whole thing apart but otherwise it's fairly laid out.

Programmers, the big daddy programmers are special and unique. Just like the engineers who created a ferrari or any other major achievement. Any body can program, but not everybody has the patience, confidence or desire to take on massive tasks by themselves.

I have programmed for many years and I have never found a good workflow of working with a large team of developers to create a specific product. So far what I have seen is one or two highly motivated individuals to create the bulk of the product and the rest become break/fix contributors or continuing development after the product is well underway.

It's just what I have seen. And those examples could make me an exception not the rule but that's what I've seen.

Were projects like MySQL or PostgreSQL initially effects of one or two highly motivated and focused individuals? I know that unix was and about evey project I have ever seen at the early stages.

Being that these efforts are largely surrounded by individual contributors I think it enables these individual's to feel special and different. And to be honesty, anyone who takes on these massive feats and succeeds is unique and different. The rest are "programmers".

more than 2 years ago

Music Memories Stored In Different Part of Brain Than Other Memories

ryanw Re:Text (94 comments)

Does this mean you store text in non-song form in a different location than text in song-form?

Since that looks like a binary decision: how much melody is required for the sudden switch from the one storage location to the other?

Who said the brain is binary? Computers are binary, brains are analog. There's a lot more going on then on and off switches.

more than 2 years ago

Music Memories Stored In Different Part of Brain Than Other Memories

ryanw Re:Might be something (94 comments)

I wonder if you could prepare yourself for Alzheimers by writing and learning songs about all your important memories

I wonder if you could prepare yourself for Alzheimers by writing and learning songs about all your important memories

That reminds me of what the north American Indians had done. I would imagine there are songs of ancient time passed along due to this type of memory being the most protected.

Makes you wonder if there is something to the notion of singing angel references in the bible and why people sing in churches.

I have always found it so fascinating at how prevalent music is in our culture and profound an impact music has made on our history and makes up "who we are". Just about every kid in America is defined by a band or song or type of music. Just about every era is depicted by a musical theme.

It is almost completely correlated of advancements in music relate to advancements in technology.


more than 2 years ago

Former Google Exec: Traditional Search Market Shrinking

ryanw Missed the mark. (184 comments)

I think these guys missed the mark by a long shot.

People aren't just "searching" any more. People have "apps", "portals", they have go-to places to get things. Google isn't where you go any more. People know what websites they want to use or they use the iPad or iPhone apps to find things. I believe it's the "app" revolution that changed the dynamics. People go to wikipedia to research stuff, open one of their apps to find a recipe for dinner or ask siri what to get for lunch.

more than 2 years ago

Kelihos Botnet Comes Back To Life

ryanw Shut them down (97 comments)

Any machine being used for purposes outside of the intent of the owner should be shut down. Owners should be notified and given time to respond, but if they are unaware of the additional traffic their computer is spewing then they should be shut down until corrected.

Unfortunatly service providers probably don't care, they would probably rather have the $29.99/mo customer rather then shutting them down until it's fixed.

more than 2 years ago

Super Wi-Fi Isn't Really Wi-Fi

ryanw Re:They *will* care when it doesn't "just work"! (145 comments)

A super nerd explains why super wifi isn't wifi. General population doesn't give a fuck, as wifi means "wireless internet" to them.

General population then bitches when their Super "WiFi" doesn't interoperate with any of their existing WiFi equipment and in fact can't even be used directly in their laptop at present. From the article:-

For now, at least, you can't move a white-space device around. You can't put a white-space radio into a phone or laptop because each white-space device must check its location against a database to determine which TV channels and wireless microphones are being used in the device's area, so they can avoid those channels. [..] It will be a way for wireless Internet providers, especially in rural areas, to zap their network over to a main router in a home, which will then redistribute it to devices over Ethernet or standard Wi-Fi connections.

So you're right that they probably wouldn't care about the technical issues, and nor would they ever likely care if any difference was totally transparent (and thus irrelevant) to the man on the street. But it's not, and that's why "Super WiFi" is a crap and misleading name, even for Joe Public.

Ya whatever. We have constantly been living within different wifi standards such as 802.11a/b/n/whatever. Non techies understand the differences, but joe blow just listens to whatever the bestbuy guy at the store says. Bestbuy guy hands him a router and a card or whatever and pats him on the head and moves along to the counter. Same thing with 3G compatibility for iPads or what have you. People understand that not all 3G is compatible. People don't even know what 4g is yet. But it's all just marketing crap and at the end of the day people ask the techies what to do and hopefully they tell the consumers to get the correct stuff.

more than 2 years ago

Introversion and Solitude Increase Productivity

ryanw I agree. (214 comments)

Having developed many projects, I personally can attest that I don't get anything productive done until everybody is asleep or if I decide to tune everybody out. It seems like there are too many real and "potential" distractions that my mind is chewing on instead of coming up with solutions to problems.

I have found it helpful to come together as a group once I have had plenty of time to think about what I want to do, along with the others having that same opportunity. That way we can have a discussion about ideas that have been thought through instead of just winging it.

about 3 years ago

Nanocoating Waterproofs Any Gadget

ryanw Re:Crap it still works after dropping it in the lo (314 comments)

I guess this will eliminate employees "upgrading" their company crackberries by dropping them in the toilet.

Yah, that could make for a problem buying used phones on ebay.... you'd never know why someone is selling a "perfectly good and working phone" for a discount.

about 3 years ago

Nanocoating Waterproofs Any Gadget

ryanw Re:Recoating after battery swap? (314 comments)

Maybe coat all your batteries independently and the device without the battery in .... that would solve that I would imagine. Good question.

about 3 years ago


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