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Guerrilla Drive-Ins

ryanwright Re:Isn't this illegal? (390 comments)

I certainly could see some authorities trying that, but hopefully most of them have higher priorities on their mind, such as fighting violent crime.

Dude, what do cops do most of their careers? They sit on the side of the road, eating doughnuts and waiting for some poor schmuck to come by who just happens to be driving a little faster than some governmental "authority" decided is acceptable. Doesn't matter that everybody exceeds the speed limit - we're all just a bunch of lawbreakers.

Something is seriously wrong when laws can be passed that make us all criminals.

Hell, I just read an article where a woman was arrested for - get this - eating a candy bar at a subway terminal where eating is prohibited. She actually took the last bite as she entered the station and threw the wrapper away. But since she was chewing it, the idiot cop followed her. When she asked, "Don't you have anything better to do?", they arrested her.

Higher priorities on their minds... Yeah, right.

more than 10 years ago


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