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FCC Demands Universities Comply With Wiretap Law

rzbx Re:Universities are the best place to look! (215 comments)

"US Universities have been especially anti-American since the '60s."

Ok, define "anti-American". What is an American? Is it any U.S. citizen? illegals? But then again, we all have different beliefs. You pick a few instances, of which none can be best decribed using the term "anti-American", and then conclude what? Your not thinking too straight. During WWII in Germany, was a Jew anti-German, was a Nazi anti-German, was an American citizen living in Germany anti-German? Do you see my point? I hope so. There are people of many many many beliefs that both attend and work at Universities.

You can not treat a University like an individual anymore than you can treat a company like an individual (no matter how it looks legally), or else you are ignoring reality. A University is an institution composed of individuals. Treat it for what it is, and stay away from treating it like one single person.

Do NOT generalize based on a few cases, because one can produce far more cases against those posts you have just made that paint a very different picture.

There is far too much generalizing going on in /.

Btw, you need to understand, that there are individuals in the U.S. government that would love to undermine the power of Universities, especially when it comes to some of the things being taught that are in direct conflict with their particular goals. Antiwar demonstrations have originated from Universities very often, and not just in the U.S. If you think hard enough, you might understand some of the reasons why.

A few nutcases among the millions is your argument? Would you like me to describe you based solely on a few of your flaws?

more than 9 years ago


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