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Ask Slashdot: Event Sign-Up Software Options For a Non-Profit?

s1d3track3D Re:Not your job. (104 comments)


How would you convince them to abandon their plan to dive into project management and use an existing solution?

List all the reasons you think it's a bad idea, present it to them, let your opinion and advice be heard. Then tell them you will go with whatever decision they go with, it sounds like they have already made up their mind, if you are getting paid, just do it. (If you're not getting paid or just want to help then mock up an currently existing solution and show it to them as proof of concept.

Hey, people/companies/government's make bad decisions everyday and there is usually someone in the corner (waving their arms or not) who actually has a much better solution, who was unheeded.

3 days ago

Microsoft Paid NFL $400 Million To Use Surface, But Announcers Call Them iPads

s1d3track3D iPad as verb, Apple, mission accomplished (405 comments)

Let me Google that
Hand me some Kleenex
Clorox will take that out
I need to make a Xerox copy
My show's are TiVoed
FedEx it
Velcro will hold that together
Stuck at my desk on my PC
Walking around with my iPad

about a month and a half ago

Astronomers Find What May Be the Closest Exoplanet So Far

s1d3track3D Re:Time to travel 11 light years (89 comments)

traveling with a 1G acceleration:

And where is such a craft? Our current fastest space shuttles go ~ 17,500 mph, at that pace, it would take over half a million years... (ref: How fast does a Shuttle travel

about 2 months ago

Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet Into a Robotic Hivemind

s1d3track3D Re:Youtube Comments (108 comments)

Actually, that is a separate project for creating the dumbest, most bigoted robo brain ever

about a month ago

Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google

s1d3track3D Yeah, as music artists know, not so fun is it? (275 comments)

'Free' is not a business model." - Aaron Levie (Dropbox)
Yes, something music artists know all to well...
It's a bummer when your on the wrong side of supply and demand aint it?!

about 2 months ago

Fresh Evidence Supports Higgs Boson Discovery

s1d3track3D Other stories from site... (42 comments)

I'm not commenting on this discovery but here are the other top stories from that site...
1 Hyena escapes lions by hiding in an elephant
2 Gay bears like blow jobs
3 Indonesia bans video-sharing site Vimeo over 'porn'
4 Top 5 worst mobile phones ever made
5 Fresh evidence supports Higgs boson discovery

about 4 months ago

Is Montana the Next Big Data Hub?

s1d3track3D Re:Monwhere? (164 comments)

I might be movin' to Montana soon
Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss

about 6 months ago

Online Skim Reading Is Taking Over the Human Brain

s1d3track3D synopsis (224 comments)

skim, reading, brain, wolf, circuit

about 7 months ago

Skinny Puppy Wants Compensation For Music Used in US Interrogations

s1d3track3D Re:Now thats a performance... (271 comments)

Metallica was originally on the list too but it was discovered that the feds had illegally downloaded their music and well you know the rest,...

about 9 months ago

NSA Collects 200 Million Text Messages Per Day

s1d3track3D What that looks like (287 comments)

143, 2DAY, 4EAE, ADN, AFAIK, AFK, ATM, B/C, B4, BFF, BFN, BOL, BRB, BTW, DM, Bieber, DWBH, F2F, FB, 420, MM, MSM, IRL, Bieber,...

about 9 months ago

Intel Dev: GTK's Biggest Problem, and What Qt Does Better

s1d3track3D Re:GTK is trash (282 comments)

instead of reusing an existing toolkit

GIMP version 0.54 (January 1996) "It had a dependency on Motif for its GUI toolkit, which made efficient distribution to a lot of users impossible."

A New Toolkit - The 0.60 Series:
Peter got really fed up with Motif. So he decided to write his own. He called them gtk and gdk, for the Gimp Tool Kit, and the Gimp Drawing Kit. Peter tells us now that they never intended for it to become a general purpose toolkit - they just wanted something to use with GIMP, and it "seemed like a good idea at the time". GIMP History

about 9 months ago

White House Reportedly Dismissing Key Contractor

s1d3track3D Re:Accenture? (284 comments)

It seems just about everyone here agrees this is a crappy company.
How come the gov decision makers don't know this? why was accenture chosen?
What company would you all suggest as the right choice? and why can't the community (i.e. "we the people") alert them to this apparent bad decision? (I know nothing about this company or any good contractor to suggest myself)

about 9 months ago

Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off

s1d3track3D Re:Blame the artists and record companies... (370 comments)

I'm not disagreeing about the unreasonable behavior of these performance rights organizations
Do you have an alternative business model for financially rewarding music creators?

about a year ago

Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off

s1d3track3D Re:Nope (370 comments)

Yes, the Turntable blog actually points this out.

"As much as we all love, we have decided to shut it down to fully concentrate on the Live experience."

This is good news for music consumers and music creators!

Generally streaming for music creators is "meet the new boss, same as the old boss", i.e. no money

We need a new paradigm where content users and content producers are both happy! (no one else is needed in this equation).
Streaming services provide the same type of service as radio. i.e. as a promotional tool only.

In traditional radio artists essentially do not get paid. In streaming artists essentially do not get paid.

These avenues act as 'discovery' zones and aggregators where we can find new music easily, this service is still needed for both sides. Unfortunately streaming has turned from discovery only into content controller. (i.e. stream from the cloud where all music now exists) you can listen and listen, no need to buy, which is great for consumers but not great for creators.

It's fine that recordings are promotional tools only, the only trouble is that creating recordings takes time and is not free.

about a year ago

Failed Software Upgrade Halts Transit Service

s1d3track3D Re:Never upgrade (125 comments)

So your posting from an un-patched windows 98 box? Or are you still on 3.1?

about a year ago

Failed Software Upgrade Halts Transit Service

s1d3track3D Re:Strange times (125 comments)

Yes and I bet there was a least one developer saying the exact same thing who was overruled by mgmt who proceeded with the push regardless!

about a year ago

Former WaPo Staffer Rob Pegoraro Talks About Newspapers' Decline (Video)

s1d3track3D Re:Transcript? (79 comments)

Try the "Hide/Show Transcript" link below the video (it's javascript only)

about a year ago



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