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New Themes.org Almost Ready; Needs A Little Help

sagacious_gnostic Themes.org (170 comments)

This really is a great site.

Over the last few months while they've been "static" I must admit that, on occasion, i've been annoyed at nothing seemingly happening.

Knowing (personally) some of the maintainers at irc.themes.org and that they're probably as annoyed as I was helped me look at things in a different perspective though.

These guys work hard and deserve every praise they get, and no critisism (critique is ok)... they don't get paid for this remember. I know at least one person responsible at irc.themes.org was considering resigning from his position because of lack of progress... just glad he didn't. I'm just glad that things _are_ happening. Kudos to the themes.org team.

more than 13 years ago


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