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Korea Unveils World's Second Android

salimfadhley Technically this is a Gynoid (232 comments)

Android comes from the greek root andro- meaning man. The word "androgynous" comes from the gree words for both Man and Woman and means having both male and female qualities.

Since this machine is female in form, it should not be called an android, but a gynoid. :-)

more than 8 years ago


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The futuure sucks!

salimfadhley salimfadhley writes  |  more than 11 years ago

When I was fresh out of Uni at the age of Ninteen, I fancied myself as a some kind of futurist - only many painfull years later did it occur to me that my futuristic ideas had already occured to others, and that unless you are gifted with mystical powers, nobody has the ability to predict the future... let alone 'Futurists'... which brings me to today's exhibit:

Please visit the home page of Dr Patric Dixon, who claims to be one of Europe's leading futurisits. Make sure you follow their instructions and view his super state of the art Flash intro.... ha ha ha.

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