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DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

sam0vi Canadian government should take charge (249 comments)

They could make a law called the Jeffrey's Act, and make Superman public domain (as it should be). Would DC lawyers risk the hatred involved with fighting that? Nor that it would matter, governments being sovereign and all

about 2 months ago

Qualcomm Takes Down 100+ GitHub Repositories With DMCA Notice

sam0vi Re: "Good faith" (349 comments)

You are absofuckinlutely right!!

about 3 months ago

Qualcomm Takes Down 100+ GitHub Repositories With DMCA Notice

sam0vi jellyfish (349 comments)

Have they no spine?? C'mon guys, don't you have some ACLU/EFF hook-ups to tell you this is bullshit. Where's the proof?? Where??
Jesus fucking Christ

about 3 months ago

Facebook Fallout, Facts and Frenzy

sam0vi puppets (160 comments)

Every single person who feels hurt by what Facebook did should admit (to themselves) that their reason to be upset is because things like these make it obvious that THEY are not in control of their emotions. That THEY are but moats of dust taken for a ride by the world around them.
I don't feel abused or betrayed or manipulated by Facebook. Not that they could. My emotions are mine, and if Facebook could alter them, I would just have to admit that I was wrong, and I would learn from it to be a better ME.
Don't hate. Learn.

about 3 months ago

Austrian Tor Exit Node Operator Found Guilty As an Accomplice

sam0vi (sadly) inevitable (255 comments)

This has been a long time coming. Not to say is the right thing, but I think it was bound to happen. Freedom for the masses is a very dangerous thing for the stability of our society ... I mean ... for the billionaire multinational "elite" and their puppet "democratic" governments. I'll consider him a martyr for the evolution of human society (sorry Fritz!).
For things to get better, they sometimes have to get worse :-(

about 3 months ago

Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails

sam0vi Fuck 'em (346 comments)

Fuck 'em. No sympathy for the devil.

about 3 months ago

Ars Takes an Early Look At the Privacy-Centric Blackphone

sam0vi Re: Gimme a keyboard (67 comments)

Sounds like you should update your skills, or get a Bluetooth mini keyboard or something. You are not most people. Save your grumpy mood for the wife

about 3 months ago

Ars Takes an Early Look At the Privacy-Centric Blackphone

sam0vi Re: Apps which require location? (67 comments)

I love the idea of poisoning "their" databases with bogus info. I used a WiFi app to poison databases at malls that offer free WiFi just to track people (can't remember name)

about 3 months ago

Ars Takes an Early Look At the Privacy-Centric Blackphone

sam0vi CyanogenMod much?! (67 comments)

Nothing that the article says can't be done with CyanogenMod, except maybe some hardware stuff that seems vague. Just flash your phones with CM, people. (Sent from a z1 compact flashed the day of purchase)

about 3 months ago

US Navy Admiral Questions Expensive Stealth Platforms

sam0vi Re:Cut military spending. (490 comments)

President Carter.

more than 2 years ago

PS4: What Sony Should and Shouldn't Do

sam0vi Re:It should be modular. (406 comments)

I think everybody missed the sarcasm in your post. What you are trying to say is that the next console should be a pc. Woooshh much everybody???

more than 2 years ago

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il Dead at 70

sam0vi Re:Good Riddance (518 comments)

The Kng is dead. Long live the King!!

more than 2 years ago

Engineers Create World's Lightest Material

sam0vi Re:Unlikely (177 comments)

This is just my guess, but that is probably its density in a vacuum. When exposed to atmosphere, air goes through the cavities, filling then up, thus increasing its density. Something like calculating the density of a sponge in an underwater environment. My 2 cents.

more than 2 years ago

Army Plots Its Smartphone Strategy

sam0vi Re:iPhones win by default (125 comments)

Blackberry - designed by untrustworthy Canadians
Android - based on Linux which was written by communists
iPhone - designed by Apple in California

Yet they are all manufactured in China.... mmmmmm /*scratches head*/

more than 2 years ago

Blue Coat Concedes Its Devices Operating in Syria

sam0vi Re:Misplaced Priorities? (90 comments)

Very few countries have that rule, actually. Discussing the same topic with some friends I ended up googling the subject. Do it, and you'll be surprised

more than 2 years ago

ToS Violations No Longer a Crime (On Their Own)

sam0vi Re:ToS - Works both ways (162 comments)

When you buy a game console you don't sign any TOS, you just pay. So you could legally hack it before clicking any ACCEPT buttons, and you are golden, right?? Tell that to geohotz

about 3 years ago

Apple: "We must Have Comprehensive Location Data"

sam0vi Re:Hmmm (556 comments)

I think an easy solution to this problem would be to turn off gps and a-gps on your phone when you are not using them. That's what i do.
Just my 2 cents.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Research Takes On Go

sam0vi Re:Go is not a game (175 comments)

And let's not forget that you play with a given number of stones, so one of the players will eventually run out of stones. That's an objective end for the game if there ever was one.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft's Security Development Process Under CC License

sam0vi Re:Oh boy... (164 comments)


about 4 years ago

UK Designer Grows Clothes From Bacteria

sam0vi Re:Wearing living stuff (93 comments)

And what about a whole line of underwear and lingerie garments? Do you think the ladies wont mind that it's made with yeast?

more than 4 years ago



UK about to sign a law to prohibit downloads of co

sam0vi sam0vi writes  |  more than 4 years ago

sam0vi (985269) writes "Glazing through eztv's website i came across this piece which summarizes the guardian's article ( The thing that scared me the most is this amendment to clause 8. From the article:
The new clause allows the secretary of state for business to order the blocking of "a location on the internet which the court is satisfied has been, is being or is likely to be used for or in connection with an activity that infringes copyright".
For me this is one big reason not to move into the UK (i will add it to the long running list)"

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