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Man Arrested For Taking Photo of Open ATM

samgeribo Re:And not illegal to handcuff him (1232 comments)

Remember that they can't just do this to anybody on the street - they need to have a reasonable suspicion that they have or are committing a crime and have specific facts to back up that suspicion.

more than 5 years ago

Iowa Seeks To Remove Electoral College

samgeribo Re:One way to get more registered voters (1088 comments)

I'm really glad you stood up to them. If only more people did this! I would (and have) stood up to them also.

Note that they don't need a search warrant to search your car, unless it is parked at your house. They need only PC, or probable cause - which they clearly didn't have. Again, thanks for standing up to them! Also if your car is impounded for any reason they can also conduct an 'inventory check' of the trunk.

more than 5 years ago

Distributed "Nuclear Batteries" the New Infrastructure Answer?

samgeribo Re:Peace through mini nukes! (611 comments)

"16,000 tons of uranium per year (a fraction of what we now use for light water reactors). "


We only use 670 tons of uranium fuel each year - the rest is stored. From
"Worldwide, we 'use' about 67,000 tons of uranium per year, 670 tons of which is actually used (the rest is stored)."

You do know we can look this stuff up now with google and all, don't you?

about 6 years ago

First Whole Cancer Genome Sequenced

samgeribo Re:That's nice but... (115 comments)

I'm also concerned that these might be mutations in the hematopoietic stem cell that don't "drive" the disease. The lengthy points at the end debunking this possibility aren't convincing to me. Here are the 1st two (FTA):

1) "genetic instability does not seem to be a general feature of AML genomes."

Are they on crack? Perhaps I don't fully understand the context of this statement; genetic instability and evolution are seen in most cases of AML.

2) "Alternatively, all may have occurred simultaneously in the same leukaemia-initiating cell, but only a subset of the mutations (or an as-yet undetected mutation) is truly important for pathogenesis (that is, disease 'drivers' versus passengers). Although we suggest that the latter hypothesis is very unlikely on the basis of our current understanding of tumour progression"

Simultaneously occurring? Again, this flies in the face of common knowledge. The theory is the hematopoietic stem cell is extremely long lived and only divides once a year and so has plenty of time to accumulate genetic mutations. This explains both the average relapse time of one year and also the genetic homogeneity of the leukemic clone. Thus many of their new found eight mutations may be accidental and not disease causing.

Does anyone have any new light to shed on this? I am not a doctor and would benefit from some guidance on this issue.

more than 6 years ago

First Whole Cancer Genome Sequenced

samgeribo Re:Population and cancer (115 comments)

The Japanese were not motivated to invade the US in WWII, you silly twat.

Do everyone a favor and read the WWII article on wikipedia before you reply.

more than 6 years ago


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