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Scott Adams's Political Survey of Economists

samuel4242 Alas, no useful information here. (939 comments)

It's quite thorough and useful, but it reads as if the personal bias affected the results. This isn't surprising. I've found that my friends have a reaction to Sarah Palin that's 100% correlated with their politics. So I'm not surprised that the economists felt the same way. So I'm sticking with the independents who conclude that it's a toss up. The real problem here is that we're trying to guess "better" when the two paths are just different. Obama will certainly pour more money into infrastructure and rebuilding the industries that hire Americans to do things. McCain will probably pour more money into bolstering America's influence abroad, probably through military action. Is one better? It depends what you want. But we'll get one. That's for sure. I don't think the Libertarians are going to win.

more than 6 years ago



Mozilla Leader Makes $500k/year

samuel4242 samuel4242 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

samuel4242 (630369) writes "The NY Times reports that the Mozilla Foundation is paying Mitchell Baker a cool $500,000 per year. How much went out in grants? Much less. $285,000 according to the article. Does this hurt the community by amplifying jealousy and discouraging people to contribute? Or is it only fair to compensate full time contributors at a rate that is in the same ball park as the other Silicon Valley success stories? Now that MySQL is rumored to be moving toward a big IPO, how will the open source world handle the growing gap between the insiders and the casual contributors?"

samuel4242 samuel4242 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

samuel4242 (630369) writes "If you want to be an action hero, Verizon is happy to cast you in a custom movie. If you send in a clear face shot, they'll render your face on the body of an action hero in a movie. It takes about a day to render it for you on their custom render farm. Is this the kind of mass customization the future? Or is it just a stunt that will wear off like the virtual puff of smoke from the virtual gun in your virtual hand in a virtual story of a time and place that never really existed?"


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