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Don't Go 3D For 3D's Sake, Says Sony

sancho_pancho Tech vs 3D (132 comments)

There is a difference between 3D-displaying technology and 3D; and this guy doesn't seem to get that.

I totally agree with him that "if [people] see poor quality 3D it can put them off". But that only relates to 3D technology. For example, Madden on the 3DS was widely panned as headache inducing, because of the poor 3D tech implemented.

However, there is a LOT of 3D technology out there, and it will only get better. And that's why I think this guy's main point is totally wrong.

"Only add 3D where it makes a difference to the gameplay experience. It must add something. Don't just add depth for the sake of it."

What a stupid quote. 3D is a technology that was invented millions of years ago when the first squirrel grew two eyeballs. You don't just close one eye when watching an opera, and then open both of them when "it adds something".

If the technology is effective and affordable (for both the producer and consumer), then it should be used for ALL content.

more than 3 years ago

How Game Gimmicks Break Immersion

sancho_pancho Re:Misuse of the term "immersion" (228 comments)

Whoah! You just figured out a way to make a better Tetris. Random blocks that can't be moved or rotated! I'd play that.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Debuts Full-Body Controller-less Gaming At E3

sancho_pancho Re:Targeted at Wii Users (242 comments)

The only Wii function that it won't be able to copy is the ridiculous number of people that own it.

more than 5 years ago

6 Pennsylvania Teens Face Child Porn Charges For Pics of Selves

sancho_pancho Re:A great victory in the fight against child porn (1044 comments)

Are peoples' lives so pathetic that they have to spend inordinate amounts of time and effort to gawk at others'?

Hello. Welcome to the internet.

about 6 years ago

Robots Debut In Japanese Theater Production

sancho_pancho Sounds familiar... (75 comments)

It focuses on a robot who complains about his boring and demeaning jobs.

So it's about Marvin?

more than 6 years ago


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