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Google Launches Nexus S Phone In UK and US

sanderb Re:In reality, not a whole lot... (202 comments)

Yep, very disappointed by Gingerbread.
I mean, they say a focus was video/ audio encoding, but a quick look at the APIs show it is still not possible to encode a video from anything except a camera, so video editing of any kind is still not possible. iPhone users get to produce high quality video's with all kinds of effects, Android users can't even *bleeping* crop them! And again encoding was a point of focus, yay we get dead-on-arrival WebM support!
Let's just hope that they really actually added some relevant things for game development, the only type of app 90% of smart phone users (not me) are interested in.

more than 3 years ago

UK-Developed 'DNA Spray' Marks Dutch Thieves With Trackable Water

sanderb Re:Beware my tiger repellant rock (191 comments)

Your tiger repellant rock does not have all the properties this stuff has. There have been several news stories of this in the Netherlands because a shop owner got killed in a burglary (quite rare over here), and apparently none of the stores that have this system (and have this fact advertised) have been robbed since. And since jewelry stores are hit often apparently that figure is statistically relevant.

about 4 years ago


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