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Group Calls For Google Antitrust Probe

sandyjensen Criticizing the dashboard (372 comments)

The article criticizing the dashboard has already been slashdotted but (oh irony) it was in my chrome cache.

The group also said that the Dashboard, though useful, is not easy to find.

“If they want people to use this, why isn’t there a direct link from the home page?” asked Simpson. “In other contexts Google likes to say competition is one click away. They’ve buried the Dashboard. The extra password verification is a good security measure, but why can’t you get there with one click from a Dashboard link on the home page?”

The google dashboard is cleverly "buried" at google.com/dashboard

Navigating to it requires the user to select the "Settings => Google Account settings" dropdown at the top right of the page when you're logged in. Maybe I've been around computers for more than a few minutes and that gives me an advantage, but that felt like a pretty natural way to find this.

I agree that Google needs to take more steps to make user behavior anonymous, but at least they're honest about that and have a means for providing dashboard feedback.

And FWIW I don't see anything in the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement about giving users a way to control their data. Nor in the Yahoo Privacy Center.

Maybe it's just too hard to find.

more than 4 years ago

Most Expensive Laptop Ever

sandyjensen Heavy air (7 comments)

"...made of highly polished solid 24ct gold. Weighing about 2600 grams...."

That's about double the 1.36 kg of the stock MacBook Air.

more than 4 years ago

Home DNA Sequencing

sandyjensen Re:Wow (190 comments)

Good thing they left out the ethidium bromide. And I'm glad to see they used agarose instead of acrylamide, because inevitably some younger sibling out there will decide to eat the sequencing kit.

more than 11 years ago


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