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Apple the No. 1 Danger To Net Freedom

santaliqueur Re:So let me get this right... (354 comments)

And somehow they are the 2nd most valuable company in the world. Seems your simplistic view of business is not shared by others. Apple's sales seem to be doing just fine,

more than 3 years ago

Apple Wants To Share Your Location With Others

santaliqueur Re:Well Apply fanbois will love this (248 comments)

Funny how so many anti-Apple posters seem to bring up gay sex or Steve Jobs' dick without any provocation. Just sayin.

more than 4 years ago

Steve Jobs Says PC Folks' World Is Slipping Away

santaliqueur Re:Try this one... (1067 comments)

Go out, buy nothing but an iPad and tell me how good your computing experience is 12 months from now. No cheating. Not a single transaction on a single machine that isn't an iPad. I dare you.

It depends on what your "computing experience" requires you to do. Your average slashdot user needs a bit more than what an iPad can do of course, but my parents would be 100% fine with ONLY an iPad, since all they do is browse the web and check emails. Also, did someone say that the iPad was supposed to be used as a stand alone machine only? Your tone suggests that.

more than 4 years ago

Bad PR Forces Apple To Reconsider Banning Mark Fiore's App

santaliqueur Re:App Stores Dept. of Corrections? (241 comments)

Can you link me to that other app store where I can buy applications for a non-jailbroken iphone?

Sure, can you link me to that document that FORCED you buy an iPhone, and not the phone that you wished to use?

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Begs Win 7 Testers To Clean Install

santaliqueur Re:Microsoft Begs Win 7 Testers To Clean Install (420 comments)

So let me get this straight. You make a point without backing it up, but we have to back up opposing viewpoints to enter into the debate?

more than 5 years ago

Your Computer As Your Singing Coach

santaliqueur Be careful. (127 comments)

If it's trying to show me how well it can sing "Daisy", then I'm all set.

more than 6 years ago


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