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Science Fiction Writers Write DMCA Takedowns

scalzi Re:SFWA represents ... (197 comments)

"Either get rid of the nutter (and from what I have read you actually are the person who should be in charge), or leave, or I won't buy your books any more."

Then you'd better plan on not buying my books for several months. I paid my yearly dues today, and while I would be delighted to have the particular person who did this resign (and indeed many people have suggested this should be what happens), I don't see it happening any time soon, since he's not inclined to do so (it would help if he actually believed he did something wrong) nor do I believe two-thirds of SFWAns will recall him, more's the pity.

That said, SFWA President and VP slots are up for election on a yearly basis, and it seems unlikely that this particular officer will get an extension past the next election and installation of new officers, which happens on July 1st. So your purchasing hiatus will likely only need to be ten months long. In the meantime, I suggest the library.

more than 7 years ago


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