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FBI Investigating Mystery Laptops Sent to US Governors

scheuri Re:Interesting angle on social engineering... (329 comments)

That is what I thought first, too. Well, I still think it is a very interesting angle on social engineering as you put it.

However, if you do that with a large enough company to get "undetected" (assuming smaller companies would recognise something fishy is going on) there should be a large risk that this laptop goes to the IT-people first to get completely altered to companies standards.
That usually should mean complete format and using an image of whatever the company is using as client OS. So there goes your malware (at least most of it).

So I am very confident that this has to be taken into account.

more than 5 years ago

Duke Nukem For Never

scheuri Well, so....how long will they shut down? (565 comments)

Will they be shutting down the coming next 10 years?

SCNR...it is bad for the devs at 3d, but still...it opens a whole new series of jokes.

more than 5 years ago

IE8 Update Forces IE As Default Browser

scheuri It does not change the slightest thing at all (311 comments)

As far as I recall correctly IE7 was supposed to be forced on Windows (XP) as well and was IIRC shipped with Windows Vista.
Now IE8 is forced by Windows Update

Now how is this going to change ANYTHING at all if millions and millions (okay, not that many, but you get my point) of pirated (and even not pirated) copies of Windows XP will not be updated...ever.

Remember the near uprising when windows 98 was not supported anymore. While I was "what, you still use that" thousand of people still were "Hey, I am using this...it just works...I never touched it".

Why is this different?

more than 4 years ago

UK Firm To Release 'Screaming' Cell Phone

scheuri how can this be good? (230 comments)

First of all...when it can be turned on, it can be turned off again. Simple rule. I have a hard time believing that turning this thing off again is not possible.

Second...why are cells stolen? Mainly because their sim card? I doubt it. Because people call their mobile company telling them the sim got stolen and it should be blocked or something. In other words, the sim card should be rendered useless. Therefore thiefs are after the mobile phone itself to sell it.
Soooo...the only "harm" being done is, that you lost your mobile phone and data. Whereas data might be sensitive you MIGHT think about securing your mobile a bit better. It is the same with laptops in my opinion. If electronical devices care sensitive data, you look after them WAY better!

I think this is just a way to increase cell phone sales!
Why? Simple...if that screaming really can not be turned of easily enough then the cell phone is useless...to the thief as well as the righteous owner. So, beside of playing pranks to "friends" by turning on the screaming and making them buying a new cell anyway...a theft leads to a brand new cell.
Just imaging you lost your mobile thinking it was stolen and you turn that screaming on...you lost a mobile phone.
The way with all the text messages all over you ("this mobile got/is knicked") seems kinda better as the false positivs do not necessarily lead into a buy of a new mobile phone.

Well, I dont like the idea...

more than 8 years ago


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