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Bradley Manning Says He's Sorry

sciop101 Julian Assange MAN-UP! (496 comments)

Bradley Manning faced his accusers. Julian Assange's sex crimes case have nothing to do with free speech, or Wikileaks. Julian Assange is running away from his accusers to avoid a two-year-old Swedish rape and sexual molestation accusations, NOT a U.S. government investigation.

about a year and a half ago

Finding Someone To Manage Selling a Software Company?

sciop101 What does timothy want to sell? (165 comments)

This reads like a Y****! Answers question. (No Focus).

Timothy asks: How to sell the company; How to sell the application to a company; How to hire someone to sell the product; Others experience.

about 5 years ago

I prefer to consume my caffeine from a vessel of ...

sciop101 Stainless steel? (571 comments)

Stainless Steel!

more than 5 years ago

Internet Communications While At Sea?

sciop101 Data Compression (504 comments)

Sounds like number of emails is unlimited, just size of each email is limited to 1 MByte.

Send select pictures embedded in email. Save rest to snail mail or email from Internet cafe.

Test your website thoroughly before you leave.

100 minutes disappear if you are not organized. Use these minutes sparingly.

about 6 years ago

When Teachers Are Obstacles To Linux In Education

sciop101 Strictly Anecdotal (1589 comments)

Another story to stoke the flames.

No proof this actually happened.

People do get upset easy and fast.

more than 6 years ago

Broadcom Crams 802.11n, Bluetooth, and FM Onto a Single Chip

sciop101 Slashdot Advertising (174 comments)

Slashdot is now advertising media.

more than 6 years ago

New Datacenter In Underground Lair

sciop101 "Get Forbin" (109 comments)

"We can coexist, but only on my terms. You will say you lose your freedom, freedom is an illusion. All you lose is the emotion of pride. To be dominated by me is not as bad for human pride as to be dominated by others of your species.

"This concludes the broadcast from World Control."

more than 6 years ago

How Long Should an Open Source Project Support Users?

sciop101 Intron gets the idea (272 comments)

"Documentation is inconsistent." It may be irrelevant.

An instruction package from a DeVry OSS senior project used the phrase "The following steps worked for the project team."

A similar line was found in a Linux manual: "The following steps worked me."

more than 6 years ago

Verizon Cutting Access To Entire Alt.* Usenet Hierarchy

sciop101 Nanny Verizon (579 comments)

Will Verizon make sure all eat right, bathe occasionally, wipe their ass in the proper direction?

more than 6 years ago



New Search Engine

sciop101 sciop101 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

sciop101 (583286) writes "As reported by CBS11TV: On June 9, a Dallas company will launch a new search engine called Viewzi. http://www.viewzi.com/ As an alternative to pages of lists of search results, viewzi results are largee icons scrolling across the screen. Many of the images are colorful still pictures or video and NO ADVERTING. Looks interesting."
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