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Objective-C Overtakes C++, But C Is Number One

scoot80 Re:TIOBE is complete crap (594 comments)

See, C++ dominates Objective-C by more than a factor of five. You can take that to the bank. You're welcome.

I don't think the bank would accept it. Your unscientific poll doesn't include C++... just C and Objective C.

about 2 years ago

Assessing Media Bias: Microsoft Vs. Everyone Else

scoot80 Re:Media vs tech media (364 comments)

Android is the new Windows...

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft's Anti-Google Video Campaign

scoot80 Re:Youtube (304 comments)

Its not fairness, its $$$. They don't care as long as they keep shoving ads down your throat.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Claims Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy

scoot80 Re:*source code* (522 comments)

Yeah, it did, see I actually had things to do, I don't sit in my mamma's basement trolling slashdot like you seem to.

Go back to class before I call your principal.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Claims Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy

scoot80 Re:*source code* (522 comments)

You have clearly missed the point you moron. Most people always rely on the fact that someone else would have reviewed the code, and that they should be trusted, very few do it themselves.

Question is spelled with one "i" by the way, in case you missed that in school today.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Claims Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy

scoot80 Re:*source code* (522 comments)

I have the source code for Chrome (Chromium) and I can study it, make sure it's safe, or change whatever I want. Also, I know the community has reviewed it, and the company is not trying to hid anything behind a binary

How do you know the community has reviewed it? Have you actually studied it yourself? Personally, I'd be too lazy to do so, but then again, so would be many others.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Claims Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy

scoot80 Re:Yeah right - f**k you Microsoft (522 comments)

You have some serious mental issues.

Are you really shocked that Windows has a default browser? Same as every other OS? And they all take you to some default web page? And it has a default behaviour? And most of all, are you shocked about the fact that its default action for a mistyped URL is taking you to their website?

Lets see. Chrome and Mozilla by default take you to Google. (Mozilla takes you to their google formatted page). How dare they!!??!! Next thing you'll tell me that when you mistype something in Chrome, it takes you to a google search engine?

more than 4 years ago

Keeping a PC Personal At School?

scoot80 A PC at school? (695 comments)

This doesn't exactly solve your problem, but do you need to take a PC to school? What about pen and paper? That is how we did it.

more than 5 years ago

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Released

scoot80 Re:Doesn't make a difference. (334 comments)

half of the video streaming sites I use (legitimate, obviously) break with "AMAGAD UR OS IZ NOT ZUPPRORTREAD." messages

Which, of course, are all thanks to Microsoft's monopoly, which you're supporting by still using Windows. Not trying to cause trouble, but there's no point complaining about a problem if you're still part of the problem.

And you are supporting terrorism, animal abuse, and global warming by using whatever the hell you are using.. Mac is it?

more than 5 years ago

Best Way To Build A DIY UAV?

scoot80 Re:Make darn sure the Feds don't mind! (259 comments)

Yes, however with most RC toys, the person using it is usually in "total" control (unless it runs out of batteries/goes out of range) and it either plummets to the ground, or keeps flying into a really tall tree... It sounds like the OP is trying to build a set and forget plane, and there may be a few issues with that.. Don't know, just my 2c worth..

more than 5 years ago

Budget Graphics Card Roundup

scoot80 Re:hahahahaha (186 comments)

I certainly do. And I've never had problems getting the cash back.

more than 5 years ago

DIY Microprocessor Sound Level Meter Demoed At MIT

scoot80 Re:from MIT? (81 comments)

Its MIT - even the most mundane things sound exciting to the rest of the world. Just throw in a few more catch phrases - SPI interface, sigma delta ADC, and its already really really exciting!

more than 5 years ago

The "Dangers" of Free

scoot80 Re:Business Model (242 comments)

Point is, how does that business model pay the bills? The fruit and veg shop wants money, not kind words.

more than 5 years ago

"Good Enough" Computers Are the Future

scoot80 Re:Smart enough... (515 comments)

Does it matter? Whether someone paid for it or not, they want to use it, regardless of the OS.

more than 5 years ago

Internet Communications While At Sea?

scoot80 Re:Use the opportunity properly (504 comments)

Try Arthur's pizza too. Bondi Junction, close to the train station.

more than 5 years ago

The 2008 Linux and Free Software Timeline

scoot80 Re:2009 (133 comments)

I was raised on a Microsoft desktop. Well, on a Microsoft command line to start off with. I've been going back and forth between various flavors of Linux and Windows for years. First one I tried was Mandrake. I simply go back to Windows because it lets me play the latest games. I've been keeping up with Ubuntu releases and I even had a paid account for Transgaming. Transgaming experiences weren't the best. Poor fps, even on pretty good hardware at the time.

But certain things that you just take for granted in a Windows world take a lot of effort in Linux. Getting my wireless card in the laptop to work, installing Nvidia drivers, getting my work (windows mobile) device to sync, plus using software that I need for work which have no Linux versions available are just examples of things that pull me back to Windows.

Year of the Linux desktop will be different for everyone. Once I'm able to seamlessly switch without requiring too much effort, it'll be the year of the linux desktop for me. It may be 2009, it may be 2015, who knows. Till then, Windows is filling a gap that Linux cannot.

more than 5 years ago



Bonanza for CSIRO after landmark patent win

scoot80 scoot80 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

scoot80 (1017822) writes "According to the article from the Sydney Morning Herald, CSIRO has won a patent case which revolved around the CSIRO's patented wireless local area network technology, a process invented in the 1990s that is being used in almost every wireless device — including mobile phones, computers, game consoles, networking equipment and internet-enabled TVs. "We are very pleased with the outcome in financial terms," said Mike Whelan, the deputy chief executive, operations. Companies involved in the lawsuit were Hewlett-Packard, Asus, Intel, Dell, Toshiba, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, SMC, Accton, 3Com, Buffalo, Microsoft, Nintendo. The patent in question was the 802.11 wireless standard."



Police shoot student with stun gun for asking a question

scoot80 scoot80 writes  |  more than 6 years ago A university student was held down and shot with a Taser stun gun by police in the middle of a question-and-answer session with former presidential candidate Democrat John Kerry, later to be charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. All he did was ask a question. Was he out of line, or were the police out of line?

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