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Wonder Woman Gets a Woman's Point-of-View

scowling Re:What about the woman last year? (210 comments)

Which isn't saying much.

I'm going to voice the unpopular opinion: Gail Simone not a very good writer, neither of fiction or bloggy opinion pieces. Her work is overly-fannish, similiar to what we see in Peter David's or Mark Waid's work, but without the character development of David or the skilful plot unification that Waid is known for. IMHO, what sets Simone's work apart from other comics writers is its astounding degree of 'fanservice'. Fans want to see X beat up Y? So does Simone. Fans want to see fan-favourite characters A, B and C in a team? So does Simone. Whether it makes sense from a plot perspective or whether there's any kind of character development that grows from those stories is secondary -- and usually non-existent.

Simone also writes in too many 'Mary Sue' characters. Birds of Prey's Misfit. Tranquility's Sheriff Thomasina. And on and on and on.

Tranquility had a great high concept, but has failed terribly in its execution. The best large-cast stories are able to develop the characters of the cast. The worst focus on one or two and leave the rest as cardboard cutouts. The very worst can't even succeed with one or two. And then there's Tranquility, with a cast of cardboard characters, none of whom the audience should care about, inhabiting a virtually incomprehensible story. Don't get me wrong: the idea was great, but someone else should have written it.

So far, Simone's WW arc has had several retcons: WW's lasso can do *what*? Captain Nazi's mother was a what? And some of the plot points are just asinine; Diana agrees to serve some Hawaiian god? Talking gorillas in her apartment? More unnecessary bloodshed directed against women, ironically from a writer who has railed about such violence for years?

As with so many other fanservice writers before her, fans mistake her ability to press the right buttons in the fannish pleasure centre for good writing.

about 7 years ago


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