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Feature-Rich FreeBSD 10 Alpha Released

scrod Re: Hurrah? (143 comments)

Ah yes, I misread that as "source code". Very few distribute pre-built binaries for BSD, though; that's what the ports system is for.

about a year ago

Feature-Rich FreeBSD 10 Alpha Released

scrod Re: Hurrah? (143 comments)

can you go to sourceforge, find some random application's binaries for bsd and install/run them without issue on mac osx?

Actually, yes. This has been the case for just about every version of OS X ever released, since before 2001. That's because it uses a BSD tool chain and APIs. Apple goes to great lengths to maintain such compatibility, and should be pretty common knowledge if you've been paying attention on Slashdot.

about a year ago

W3C Declares DRM In-Scope For HTML

scrod Re:Reality vs idealism (290 comments)

having a hobbled web platform

That phrase is redundant. Native apps (especially those that the user can compile and run him/herself on his/her own machine), will always provide more freedom and control than anything running on someone else's web server, or inside some sandboxed browser environment. Your view of pushing for the web application is entirely in conflict with giving users more control —and I suppose it should come as no surprise that you're willing to advocate for DRM, too. Get your priorities straight.

about 2 years ago

China Blanks Nobel Peace Prize Searches

scrod Re:End-to-end encryption (326 comments)

Are there any Off-the-record supporting Apps for Android ? (And perhaps for iPhone, although I doubt that Apple will green-light one)

Absolutely. Moxie Marlinspike of thoughtcrime.org has made precisely that, in the form of TextSecure (crypto info here). He's also got a VOIP app that uses Phil Zimmerman's ZRTP protocol.

more than 4 years ago

Breakthroughs In HTML Audio Via Manipulation With JavaScript

scrod Re:Administrators group (141 comments)

A music visualizer needs to be installed? When did Windows prevent normal users from just running executables?

more than 4 years ago

How Do I Keep My Privacy While Using Google?

scrod Re:Ideas (533 comments)

Congratulations, you just ran whois on a porn site instead of scroogle.org. Thanks for offering your authoritative opinion.

Scroogle.org, which is the actual search-engine proxy in question, has been operated by Daniel Brandt for the last 6 years or so.

about 5 years ago

Conficker Worm Asks For Instructions, Gets Update

scrod Erlang (285 comments)

It sounds like these worms would be so much more elegantly architected using erlang. When will the worm industry finally escape its Windows/x86 ASM legacy and enter the wonderful world of distributed, functional dynamic programming?

more than 5 years ago


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