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Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C Programming Language, Passed Away

sczimme So long and thanks for all the csh :-( (725 comments)

It's a little unnerving to think about how long Unix has been part of my career. Thanks, dmr.

more than 3 years ago

The Dirty Jobs of IT

sczimme Re:Again with the Wikipedia!! (162 comments)

Well, I looked at your link and I see some ads and a big Flash thingy. (I'm using FlashBlock so I have to click to view Flash. Wonderful!) If I load the Flash, I see some fancily designed animated cruft with a bunch of buttons that may or may not lead to actual information. Much of text is at slightly random skewed angles, and there's no obvious place to find basic facts.

I am deeply sorry you needed an additional click to see the content; you obviously didn't click any of the links or you would have gotten some hints about the show. Oh, that's right: the text was skewed. Try tilting your monitor and/or your head - that might help. I'm using AdBlock so I don't see ads. *shrug*

When I look a the Wikipedia article, on the other hand, I see no ads, no Flash, and some nicely formatted text, written to give quick answers, laid out in tidy sections, all using a standard format that I'm familiar with from a bunch of previous visits.

So your grumbling boils down to a) Flash and b) your comparative lack of familiarity with the Discovery Channel sites. Yes, those are indeed compelling arguments. *rolls eyes*

The original point stands: it is silly to use Wikipedia when there are better/more direct sources. Basic critical thinking skills will allow you to see that.

more than 6 years ago


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