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Do Developers Really Need a Second Monitor?

sd.fhasldff Re:Virtual Desktops (1002 comments)

Most multi-monitor users I've seen don't sit 6 feet from their cluster of monitors to allow them simultaneous (non-peripheral) viewing of multiple monitors. On the other hand, I can switch between two virtual desktops in a fraction of a second.

The only time a second monitor, IMHO, is an improvement over a virtual desktop is when you can use your peripheral vision to monitor some live

Of course, most Windows users (even developers) are so glued to their mice, that switching desktops would be a time-consuming issue.

As for the comparison to "tabbing between windows", I find that ridiculous. Perhaps inflammatory (apologies...), but I really do. It presupposes a complete "Microsoft Windows" view of the world, where every application runs in exactly one window and all windows are inherently either maximized are minimized. It's not uncommon to see Linux developers have a multitude of windows open and visible at the same time.

You can't easily "tab between" groups of specifically positioned and sized windows. (Note, I said *easily*).

more than 3 years ago

Do Developers Really Need a Second Monitor?

sd.fhasldff Virtual Desktops (1002 comments)

My opinion is this is largely a consequence of how the Maximize functionality works / has worked.

My money is on the complete lack of virtual desktops on Microsoft's platform.

Yes, there are third party apps that add the capability, but I don't know a single Windows developer who uses them. On the other hand, I don't know a single Linux developer who DOESN'T use them... (now watch Slashdot provide countless counter examples).

Developing on a system without virtual desktops *or* a second (at least) monitor is a huge pain in the ass.

more than 3 years ago

Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland

sd.fhasldff Wayland can host X (640 comments)

Then it's a good thing Wayland can host X. It would require some (reportedly) minor adjustments to X, but it would be transparent to individual applications.

more than 3 years ago

Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland

sd.fhasldff Re:Ok great for beginners (640 comments)

Wayland is a display server, like X. Why wouldn't it be possible to forward Wayland over SSH?

more than 3 years ago

Is Google Polluting the Internet?

sd.fhasldff Re:Distributed search engines failed (378 comments)

It's ironic that Grub returns nothing but sites that want to sell me jerseys when I search for an NFL player, whereas the top Google links are always the player profile pages from and other major sports sites, and the player's Wikipedia entry. Add to that the easy access to "news" for the player and there's little question which search engine is the more useful.

Google works because their ranking system works. If it stopped working well, they would lose market share very quickly.

more than 3 years ago

Firefox 4 Will Be One Generation Ahead

sd.fhasldff Re:What would be better than faster JavaScript... (341 comments)

This is probably due to sqlite and a severely fragmented / huge / whatever history+bookmarks.

Try a clean profile. If that does the trick, try backing them up and importing in a clean profile. Probably "prune" them a bit while you're at it.

about 4 years ago

Firefox 4 Will Be One Generation Ahead

sd.fhasldff Re:...And one generation behind on HTML5 (341 comments)

h264 isn't going to be a practical problem for the vast majority of users, since Firefox can just use a system codec (non-Windows-users would have to make sure they have one, of course).

As for JS speed, Mozilla are very ardent in their speed claims, so it's hard not to believe they have something to back it up. It's difficult for users and external testers to figure out exactly how fast they are, despite being open source, because the Moz team is pursuing several parallel tracks to increase JS speed. There's "fat-val", "tracer JIT" and "method JIT". Each is currently significantly faster than the "normal" versions, but there hasn't been any public testing on a build that combines all three.

Mozilla claim they'll be faster than everyone else and while they may be scuppered by new advances from Google and Opera, it seems reasonable that they will at least be faster at launch than where everyone else is now. That alone would ensure "next-generation JS performance".

Where they trail Chrome is in "use speed". Chrome starts and shuts down a lot faster -- and I think that's going to be a problem for Firefox moving forward (more than it already is).

about 4 years ago

Budapest Panorama, at 70GP, Now the World's Largest Digital Photo

sd.fhasldff Re:Works with Moonlight... (207 comments)

Spoofing as Firefox 3 on Vista worked for me.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009011913 Firefox/3.0.6

With Novell Moonlight 2.3.

about 4 years ago

Budapest Panorama, at 70GP, Now the World's Largest Digital Photo

sd.fhasldff Works with Moonlight... (207 comments)

The idiots behind the site are using OS detection, so if you're using Moonlight on a non-Windows/OSX platform, you'll need to spoof your User-Agent string.

Other than that, it works just fine with Firefox & Moonlight on Linux.

about 4 years ago

Mozilla's New JavaScript Engine Coming September 1

sd.fhasldff Re:Keyword: fast*ER* ... sometimes (222 comments)

They are complementary only in a way icecream and fish are complementary. They don't seem to have overlap, but you don't want fish with your icecream.

Since bunratty's reply provides a technical description of why they are truly complementary (possibly even orthogonal), I'm going to believe that argument over your rather weak ice cream simile.

more than 4 years ago

Mozilla's New JavaScript Engine Coming September 1

sd.fhasldff Re:Keyword: fast*ER* ... sometimes (222 comments)

I think you're missing the point of what is being benchmarked. Mozilla hasn't released benchmarks of their new JS engine with both "method" and "tracer" JIT combined. They are being evolved separately, but are (according to Moz) complementary. Thus, we don't know how far they actually are from their goal yet.

Check out for benchmarks and description.

From what I can gather from the associated bug report, the "fatval" optimizations are also not applied to the portions of JS code that is traced... which would imply that the better job the tracer engine does, the less the "fatval" optimizations are applied.

The result is that an unknown "free" speed increase is waiting in the wings. What the magnitude of this increase is... well, that's the question, isn't it?

Does 1 September seem like a really tight deadline? Yes, sure does, but more in terms of stability and robustness than actually getting to a specific speed milestone.

more than 4 years ago

The Humble Indie Bundle

sd.fhasldff Doubled in 4 hours (290 comments)

About 4 hours later, total sales have roughly doubled:

- Total raised $103,758
- Average contribution $7.96
- Number of contributions 13038

I can't help but wonder how long this thing has been running. The article claims "7 days", but considering the current timer state (6days19hours35min) and the article timestamp (-5hours), that appears unlikely to be entirely accurate.

more than 4 years ago

Next Ubuntu Linux To Be a Maverick

sd.fhasldff Updating apps without updating OS (319 comments)

There are a few options here:

1) Enable the backports repository (and perhaps even -proposed, if you're desperate).

2) Check if the the app devs make a package available for download.

3) Download the source and compile yourself ;)

It's worth noting that there's a simple reason why new versions of apps are not supported on old versions:


Take a look at pretty much any package for Ubuntu and note how many other packages it depends on. In the Windows world (or indeed Mac world) the vast majority would be included when compiling (instead of linked to). The problem with the inclusion-model (aside from bulky programs) is that you don't get security updates applied centrally. Not that the link-model is perfect -- you noted it's biggest (IMHO) weakness.

more than 4 years ago

Why Mozilla Needs To Go Into Survival Mode

sd.fhasldff It's not a bug, it's a feature... (464 comments)

It has only been running since this morning (about 6 hours ago), but top shows that it has 5644 MB resident. This is after some moderate browsing of some news sites, Slashdot, and then letting it sit until a few minutes ago.

Generally, you WANT Firefox to use all the memory you have. After all, the reason you paid for all that fancy memory in the first place was for programs to use it. The issue is solely whether Firefox releases it again, if another application needs the memory. If it does, then there's no bug, but a very good feature.

more than 4 years ago

Talk of an Apple Search Engine To Thwart Google

sd.fhasldff Re:This will fail (276 comments)

google is not better. It's just synonymous with internet.

Have you TRIED Bing lately? I did, multiple times in the last few days (two more or less pristine Windows7 installs -- pristine only because they're virtually never used) and the results were staggering. I had expected Bing to return results of about the same quality as Google, expecting only to be slightly annoyed at the layout (like I am every time the layout of something I'm used to is changed, even if it's for the better in the long run).

My queries were technical, but not insanely odd or anything. Bing returned a bunch of links to Czech (I think) blogs and forums, which may of may not have contained a solution to my problem. No, I don't live in Eastern Europe. Yes, I had Bing return "all results". Clicking "only in English" weeded out the weird language results, but the top page of results was still completely useless. Switching to Google solved the problem.

This may be a result of "niche" searches, but I was very surprised that Bing basically didn't work.

more than 4 years ago

Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is 54.2%

sd.fhasldff Frogger (607 comments)

My 3rd XBox 360 went bad a couple of months ago


As I see it, I'm not buying the hardware, I'm paying for a 3 year lease on the hardware


Oddly, the only reason I bought a 360 in the first place was because the DVD drive on my original XBox went bad


Before that, I only bought a new console when I wanted to upgrade to the latest technology.


These days, I only buy a new console to replace a broken one

And you're NOT seeing the insanity of your actions?

Boiling frog indeed...

about 5 years ago

DOSBox Sees Continued Success

sd.fhasldff Master of Orion (271 comments)

I'm playing Master of Orion 2, Battle at Anteres, with Dosbox, right now. For some reason, the DOS version works much better under Dosbox than the Windows version does under WINE.

There's a slight sound stutter at times and a slight effects lag, but everything else is perfect. Still one of the best turn-based strategy games.

more than 5 years ago

Social Search Reveals 700 Comcast Customer Logins

sd.fhasldff Re:How do I establish whether I am still a victim? (158 comments)

They recommend setting the maximum password age to 42 days too.

Anyone who has ever worked in IT, or has a bit of common sense, knows that the result of such a policy is that every employee has a post-it with their password on or near their monitor.

more than 5 years ago

Wikileaks Pages Added To Australian Internet Blacklist

sd.fhasldff Re:It's all child pornography. (437 comments)

Frankly, the Danes and the Australians are doing the "liberal" thing in trying to block these sites.

This must be the American "liberalism is just another word for communism" version of the word "liberal".

more than 5 years ago

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Released

sd.fhasldff Re:Official release will be around 2pm PDT today (273 comments)

any idea when Firefox will implement the multiple process stuff found in Chrome?

I'm probably in the minority, but I actually prefer MOST of my apps to be single-threaded (or at least sticking to one core). I can only imagine what it would feel like to have Firefox (Javascript or plugins, typically) completely max out ALL my cores the way they are one now.

more than 5 years ago


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