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Judge Orders Record Company Execs To Duluth

sdhughes Duluth != Minneapolis (231 comments)

Looks to me like the record company execs are ordered to go to the courthouse in downtown Minneapolis, not Duluth.

more than 5 years ago

SF Not an Exception In Giving IT Too Much Control

sdhughes Re:HA! (245 comments)

Also it isn't just IT. Last months pay got delayed at my company, which really shouldn't happen since KPMG is responsible for taking care of payments for our company. The reason? The lady responsible for authorizing the transfer was the only one with the passwords to do so, and she was in labor.

Really? Did her manager not notice her getting huge and start to plan ahead?

Watch for more tasks to be outsourced at your company with management like that.

First rule of running a business: don't screw up payroll.

more than 6 years ago


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