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Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

sdoca Re:Walking yes, standing no. (312 comments)

Agreed. I can walk for 4-5 hours and my body isn't sore, but an hour of standing is brutal.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Re-Learning How To Interview As a Developer?

sdoca Re:Call them back (218 comments)

Also, call back if you didn't get the job and ask why you didn't (in a polite way). I had a friend just go through a tough time finding another job (not tech related) and for the interviews where she didn't receive an offer she called and asked what she could improve on, whether that be job skills, experience or personal. She got a lot of good feedback.

about 4 months ago

The $100,000 Device That Could Have Solved Missing Plane Mystery

sdoca Airline Ticket Prices (461 comments)

How many people could afford the cost of a plane ticket after all the aircraft have this device installed? The cost will be passed on to the customers.

about 5 months ago

All Else Being Equal: Disputing Claims of a Gender Pay Gap In Tech

sdoca Re:Because men don't quit to have children (427 comments)

I'm sure this is very uncommon, but I worked with a guy who took a year off when his wife had their third child (she only took a month). Why? Partly because he wanted a chance to be the primary caregiver but mainly because she made more money than him and it made economic sense.

So, if women were paid better than their husbands, would we see more situations like this? I think yes, but probably never the majority.

about 5 months ago

Water Filtration With a Tree Branch

sdoca Re:Pour water through the branch? (205 comments)

If you'd RTFA, you'd know they put branch into a tube (fit tightly) and fed the water thru it that way.

about 5 months ago

Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards

sdoca Re:It's about time. (731 comments)

You can change them to all use the same PIN. That's what I did with my two credit cards and one debit card.

about 6 months ago

Virtual Boss Keeps Workers On a Short Leash

sdoca Re:Let me be the first to say... (664 comments)

There is a big difference to carrying a corporate cell phone and this device.

about 6 months ago

Should Everybody Learn To Code?

sdoca Re:Should Everybody Learn Calculus? (387 comments)

I'd agree that a person that uses a computer often should learn to script, but not to code.

Again, we're talking degrees of knowledge. My 78 year old mom uses a computer often, daily in fact. She checks email, plays Mahjong and Solitaire and surfs the web. I don't think it would be beneficial for her in any way to know how to script, let alone code. Think about all the people who use computers often/daily in their work, they're in the same situation.

about 6 months ago

Canadian Music Industry Calls For Internet Regulation, Website Blocking

sdoca Re:Discovering free to download music (198 comments)

In Alberta, we also have CKUA (Canada's first public broadcaster) which can be streamed on the web for those outside of radio frequency range. It's the best radio station around. Check it out!

about 6 months ago

India Frees Itself of Polio

sdoca Citations? (309 comments)

Could you cite a source or two for that claim?

about 7 months ago

US Spying Costs Boeing Military Jet Deal With Brazil

sdoca Re:About time (439 comments)

Not that I don't disagree with you, but who was it that gave him the Nobel Peace Prize less than a year into his first term? I wonder if there's second thoughts going on in the minds of the committee members that made that decision now...

about 7 months ago

Canada Post Announces the End of Urban Home Delivery

sdoca Re:Some people won't bother to pick up mail (226 comments)

I still have delivery to my door and the postal and flyer delivery people respect my "no junk mail" sign. My friend just puts the junk in the outgoing mail slot. I plan on doing the same.

about 8 months ago

Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off

sdoca Re:It's a doomed race against time (370 comments)

I'd mod you up if I could. But, I think "talent" also needs to be added ot the answer.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Makes You Uninstall Apps?

sdoca Re:They pop up and notify me they are running. (243 comments)

then it logically follows the flashlight app needs permission to access location data in order to function.

Not to me it doesn't.

about 8 months ago

Illuminating Window-Less Houses With a Plastic Bottle

sdoca Re:Need to diffuse the light a bit... (240 comments)

I wasn't replying to you, but to the AC who replied to you. He obviously didn't RTFA. :)

about a year ago

Illuminating Window-Less Houses With a Plastic Bottle

sdoca Re:Need to diffuse the light a bit... (240 comments)

The bleach is to keep the water/bottle clear of algae, not to make it cloudy.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up Non-Obnoxious Outdoor Lighting?

sdoca Re:But why? (445 comments)

That's a good idea especially since it's portable and can be used anywhere light is needed, not just in her own yard.

1 year,6 days



Ask Slashdot: Designing Web Application

sdoca sdoca writes  |  more than 2 years ago

sdoca (1225022) writes "I am a Java developer and for the past number of years I have mainly been working on server side code. I have an idea for a webpage/application that I would like to develop. For the general public, it will be a site where they can view upcoming events, filter them by type, date etc. and view details of events they're interested in. There will also be an admin section to the app where organizations who want to post their events can log in and set them up. In the long term, writing a view-only version as an Apple and/or Android app is on the radar, but I want to focus on the generic web app for now.

I'm not sure what languages/frameworks to look at using for the webpage portion of my project. Many (many!) years ago, I wrote some applets. After that I did some work in WebObjects and after that I tinkered with Wicket. I have no experience with PHP and would like to stay in my Java comfort zone as much as possible, but want to use the right tool. I'm concerned about browser compatibility issues. Chrome didn't exist when I last did web page development.

I'm looking for good resources (books, internet) that will guide me through the potential issues and your recommendations for a web development framework."


sdoca has no journal entries.

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