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Speeding up Evolution

sdprenzl A Game (413 comments)

A game is only a game when it has rules and the players stick to those rules. We're already into some fierce meaninglessness in this nihilistic modern era. Totally divorced and separated from Nature, we've even lost the ability to fully understand our lost-ness.

Gene manipulation will only make the rules even more wispy and the distance between us and Nature even greater. Many may think this is our destiny--I did--to self-rig ourselves. But I know now it will be our final spastic, shuttering death. Why? Because we MASSIVELY underestimate the difficulty and complexity! Nature has been at this game for some 3 billion years, and She takes Her sweet time. And now in the blink of an eye, we think we're in command of those billions of years of wisdom and experience. Fools rush in where angels take a break. We're soooo delusional! Children playing with fire. Children soon burnt beyond all recognition, dying painfully and slowly.

more than 11 years ago


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