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Dell Reveals Specs For the Looking Glass Tablet

seamonkey420 Re:Do you even own one? (174 comments)

you ever used a 7" vs the 10"? i think its perfect imo after having an iPad i love my Galaxy Tab's size.

a tool/gadget that i can take with me everywhere is already a superior product.. the fact that it can hold its own performance-wise really is the icing on the cake.

as for usage, for the major computing i have my macbook air 11" so the 10" iPad in a way is irrelevant in my setup. but again, portability of the 7" screens is a huge seller to me and probably others. just my usual .02

more than 3 years ago

How Do You Handle Your Keys?

seamonkey420 consolidating keys first is important... (763 comments)

my best advice is to consolidate your keys. do you really need all of them on you at all times?

i prefer to keep my keys in my front pants pocket. one for the keys, the other for the phone. i trained myself to always keep my keys in the left pocket and phone in the right; you have to if you've ever had a nice touchscreen phone or pda or gadget. just a smart idea imo.

leaving your non-essential keys at a secure location is the best bet (ie at home), why do i need the padlock key to my chest thats at home w/me? or locking them all up at home so its still secure but you only need one key to get to it.

just my .02

more than 4 years ago

iPad Will Beat Netbooks With "Magic"

seamonkey420 Re:Hunters.. (1010 comments)

handbrake, yea that won't work due to the screen resolution limitation but photoshop and vmware worked on my msi wind (sure i was using osx leopard on it too but still worked better than expected w/the lower atom cpu and intel gma video).

my msi wind and osx and vmware fusion

for me, still not enough power for what i do but still for most users does the trick. i personally sold my netbooks and macbook air for a new shiny macbook pro 13 which easily dual boots win7 and osx snow leo.

as for iPad. this geek will be passing on that one. too mainstream for me but we'll see. if the magic tastes good, i may take a sip. :P

more than 4 years ago

Hackers Attack AU Websites To Protest Censorship

seamonkey420 Re:That'll teach 'em. (334 comments)


sadly politicians are the most out of touch with technology and current trends and the last ones we want to 'enforce' morality on the net.

some of the shit they do just amazes me in how idiotic/illogical it is. sorry, i'd bring up examples but you can just read the usual world news headlines (ie the recent world recession... yea, they sure were looking out for us constituents, NOT!)

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked?

seamonkey420 Re:So paying now is an advantage over paying later (311 comments)

you can have your iTampon and $15 data plan. does it fit in your pocket? to me thats a huge factor. i've had several netbooks, ultraportable laptops and they still can't compete in portability with a good smartphone. just my usual .02.

i get sick of hearing all of this apple fanboy crap on how the nexus one isn't that great. let me ask you this. have you used one?? yea, shut the fuck up. i do own an iPhone 3G and a 2G, macbook air a while back.

i'll take my open Android nexus one anyday. the only way the iPhone competed w/my nexus was when i jaibroke it. unjailbroken, i didn't have any weather widgets or custom status bar notifications. i couldn't use it on any other carrier. i was a slave to apple and at&t.

did at&t finally let skype work on the iPhone over 3G? /sarcasm

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked?

seamonkey420 Re:How does this work? (311 comments)

AR = augmented reality apps.

apps that leverage both the camera, gps, and compass to be able to overlay data in realtime.

ie the subway app that you point and find subway stations with or yelp or where. :) AR is the future of mobile devices and information (whether we like it or not). the biggest limit on AR has always been the lack of a proper cpu w/enough power and the gps/compass radios. :)

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked?

seamonkey420 Re:Oh god (311 comments)

however, you can still get the tzones plan if your a long time tmobile customer.

check out my little social hack i wrote on this :)

bascially with their update to 3G, tmobile could no longer wall off us tzone users and in turn they opened up all ports on the plan and let us get full 3G, unlimited data on it for a mere $5.99 a month :)

hope that helps ya justify that unlocked phone, for me it sure did!

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked?

seamonkey420 Re:How does this work? (311 comments)

the other phones that tmobile offer do not come close to the power the nexus one has. there's a reason why i don't own a mytouch or cliq. too slow of a cpu for AR based apps.

if people really were looking to save money, they'd:

1. call tmobile and get the tzone's $5.99 plan (some social hacking is involved since they claim it does not exist but it does.. you just gotta push).
2. buy the phone unlocked
3. have an unlimited data plan that works on an unlocked iPhone, Blackberry and any Android phone

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked?

seamonkey420 I Did. and i freakin love it! (311 comments)

i read a comment over at gizmodo that actually did seem to make sense.

google's release of the Nexus One is more of a raising the bar for other android hardware makers and in turn they didn't expect to sell tons of units or set the world on fire. rather, they are making other android handset makers step up their game to compete. plus, they can also test their device on a smaller carrier prior to unleashing it into the large boys like verizon and at&t.

just my .02 like always (cuz you know with the interwebz, we all have our .02, hehe).

oh yea, the fewer people that have the Nexus One, the better for me. makes me feel special. j/k.. i think we'll see the nexus one take off when it hits a bigger carrier like verizon later this spring.

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked?

seamonkey420 Re:Oh god (311 comments)

really? do people not realize that some of us on Tmobile have been grandfathered into amazingly cheap data plans such as the Tzones $5.99 unlimited data plan?
unlocked phones in the USA are always expensive. nothing new there.

lets see...
$5.99 x 12 = $71.88 / year for full data
$39.99 x 12 = $479,88 / year for full data

sure, i save a few hundred on teh cost of the device via subsidization but in that year i just increased my overall data service charges by $400. and we wonder why america is hurting financially. its about the long term of things and not being locked into a contract. i'll pay that $530 up front and keep my amazing plan. just my .02 on that.

more than 4 years ago

Is Console Gaming Dying?

seamonkey420 Re:No (496 comments)

it did but depends on what your comparing; units vs overall sales. overall, gross sales it killed everything in revenue generated due to the fact that video games are that much higher priced than other media.

btw, i didn't buy Modern Warfare 2 and never said it was awesome just that the claim console video games are dying is absurd. if anything, its growing due to the casual market. us core gamers have always been a given but the casuals bring another sect to the game. sure, they won't buy games like us core gamers but they still buy games and were consumers that prior to this generatio may have never bought a video game (ie wii market).

more than 4 years ago

Is Console Gaming Dying?

seamonkey420 Re:No (496 comments)

no kidding.

WTF are these people reading?? console gaming IS ANYWHERE FROM dying. pc gaming? now thats more relevant.

also, um anyone heard of this crazy thing called the world recession???

so modern warfare 2's largest launch in the history of media/movies/music means nothing?? yea, who pays these people? 12yr old gamers on 2ch would do a better analysis than these people (sure there may be a few flame wars started).

just my .02

more than 4 years ago

Best PC DVR Software, For Any Platform?

seamonkey420 Re:Windows Media Center (536 comments)

agreed on MCE.

i've used many of the other DVR/PVR applications (MythTV, SageTV, Nero, etc) but none have worked as smoothly as Media Center, Windows 7 MCE really brings its A game. :)

i have a remote and IR blaster and mainly use mine to record just network tv; i can also easily access any of the recorded tv shows over my homegroup on any of my other Windows 7 laptops/netbooks and even my PS3.

MP4 movies look and work well inside of MCE too (atleast on Win7, vista had a few issues w/MP4/h264 codecs since it didn't support it natively). I run MCE on my HP laptop and use a MCE remote i got with my tuner card. Netflix plugin is really well done too.

more than 4 years ago

Film Studios May Block DVD Rentals For One Month

seamonkey420 Re:hey, it beats (545 comments)

imo, that generation should die off in the next 10-15 years and give up its 'old world' ideaology.

seriously, are those in control at the studios that ignorant and blind to the current world?? really???? (remember, they are the majority generation in power at the moment) we really need more geeks in the corp seats.

just my .02.. and to think i've been playing by the rules; fuck these guys for trying or even thinking of doing that. it seems like they are trying to take over society (the music/movie industry).

first they start suing the hell out of everyone

second they start lobbying govts across the world to basically BAN people from the internet (ie like taking books away from a 1800s person) for downloading a product they most likely would have never purchased to start with and was not offered in a convenient/stream lined way

third they take over the govt by becoming a part of it.

/puts tinfoil hat back on

more than 4 years ago


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