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Google Search Flagging Everything As Potentially Harmful

seantrue Not all that funny. (407 comments)

Multiply the minutes lost by the number of people searching, and we're looking at _lot_ of lost time.
Someone else can do the calculation, but even at $10 dollars an hour, that's a lot of money.

The real economic cost of this also includes the lost reputation (good will) to Google as well.

I hope this is incompetence. It could be worse than that.

about 6 years ago

ORBZ Shuts Down

seantrue IBM/Lotus has known about this for a while? (447 comments)

The thread in which Ian reported this at Bugtraq has a comment to it saying that the bug had been reported to Lotus in 2000.

"It was reported in vuln-dev list on May, 20 2000 by SMILER in same time with SMTP buffer overflow in Lotus. I wonder why it's not patched yet."

There is a note to that effect on www.security.nnov.ru.

It's two years since the report, so one might expect a fix in Lotus any time now.

more than 12 years ago


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