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Ask Slashdot: Life After Firefox 3.6.x?

seasunset Re:As users, we're getting fucked over. That's why (807 comments)

How is chaging the version number at a different pace lying?

I understand your concern, but it is just a version number. If the perception of users is being taken away by your competitors, why not adapt?

Sure, it would be better to live in a world where companies did not resort to such misleading tricks, but it is not lying.

Numbers do not semantics have.

more than 2 years ago

Seismologists Tried For Manslaughter For Not Predicting Earthquake

seasunset Slashdot editorial garbage (154 comments)

Somethings are completely below acceptable standard. Like poor Slashdot editorial care.

It is completely different to "not predict a earthquake" to "predict that it will not happen".

These specialists PREDICTED that there would be no problem.

Can we get basic logic right, please?

This is a case of scientific hubris (belief in self-ability to predict things) that cost many lives. Now it has been joined by lack of basic logic and linguistics here in Slashdot.

What a dis-service to science.

Talking about proper science, may I suggest reading say, The Black Swan?

more than 3 years ago

How Good Software Makes Us Stupid

seasunset I am all for stupid (385 comments)

If this is being stupid, then I want more.

You see, I am human being, with limited cognitive capacities, limited free time, limited resources.
Not having to deal with such "important" things as remembering phone numbers or massive amounts of data allows me to direct my time and memory for other things.
Ah, and I can leverage my freed time and freed cognitive abilities with the search powers of google to discover even more. I've now searched and read philosophers and historians. Something a few years ago this would have been less simple: more costly to get the info and less time to do such thing. This by the way, encouraged me to by their books.

Yes, I do not know the year that Nietzsche or Wagner were born, but I do have an idea that they were contemporary to each other. Guess what: having been exposed to their ideas and their music is much more important than knowing the details of their birth dates. Which by the way were [goes way and googles for 20 secs] 1844 and 1813.

I've gained a lot with my new found stupidity. And lost very little in return.

I may have lost the details, but I have more time and resources that allow me to see far away. And the details are really here, at my fingertips.

more than 4 years ago

Australia Adopts EU's Geographical Indicator System For Wine

seasunset Re:Dont't like the idea anyway... (302 comments)

This is not a nationalistic/rationalistic thing. Have you tried to take Furmint grapes and plant them say, in Norway? [For the less knowledgeable, it is too far North for this plant]

I am being extreme but illustrating the main point: a wine is not only the grapes: it is the weather and the soil (and many other factors, actually). This is why most wine is also known by the year: "good" or "bad" years mostly influenced by that years's climate on a specific place.

Australia has lots of wine variety. It can stand on its own merits. There is no need to hijack names for other places, that actually mean (and taste) different.

more than 4 years ago

Given Truth, the Misinformed Believe Lies More

seasunset Re:Blame the Free Press (961 comments)

To add to the German option above, you also have option D (like in The Netherlands).

There is a public broadcasting system, but with several senders.
Every sender has members (you can affiliate with them). Time is allocated by number of members.
See here for details

Seems like democracy to me.

more than 4 years ago

"Piracy as been a source of progress"

seasunset Ridiculous English (1 comments)

Gosh, I feel really bad with the quality of the English. Should have proof read it much better.

Other that the ridiculous English (hope editors correct it), I think the content is worth it.

more than 4 years ago

The Big Technical Mistakes of History

seasunset Human History has more than 10 years (244 comments)

When I saw the title, I immediately imagined the Maginot line. Thousands more examples could come to mind.

Could somebody please explain to the author of the articles that Technology is more than computers/gadjets and older than 10 years? It is an epic history that goes along with mankind.

more than 4 years ago

Does Microsoft Finally Have a Phone Worth Buying?

seasunset IPhone World domination? (427 comments)

Iphone world domination?

I don't know what world is being referred here, probably the marketing and fairy tale world. Last time I checked, Apple was a marginal player in the real world (i.e., not some particular geography or some fashionable pundits).

In the real world, Nokia might be the one to talk about, but even so, its share is far from "world domination"

more than 4 years ago

EU Overturns Agreement With US On Banking Data

seasunset Re:Cool, now nobody has to pay taxes. (214 comments)

Yes, but that is precisely my point: 15% is not the average, it is the minimum (Canary Islands being an exception).

In fact the 15% in Luxenbourg has been subject of hot political debate because of sales tax evasion through there.

The GP post is dead wrong.

And in the near future VAT in Europe will go up, as it will be the easiest way to tackle the now very famous deficits...

more than 4 years ago

FOSS Sexism Claims Met With Ire and Denial

seasunset "homosexual" as a form of abuse? (1255 comments)

Just the idea that there are some people that use the word homosexual as a form of abuse...

And the fact that the author refers to being called homosexual as a form of abuse without inserting a caveat that he himself did not found it abusive...

Yes, there is sexism. And homophobia, that is for sure. :(

more than 5 years ago

MS Word 2010 Takes On TeX

seasunset Re:Low (674 comments)

It is a myth that TeX is more used in science than Word. It depends on what branch of science that you are talking about: sure, most Math, Physics, EE, CS uses TeX. But Word has a much bigger quota in Biology, Medicine and (probably) Chemistry.

Disclaimer: I am a LaTeX/Linux user (I officially hate Word), started on a CS department, then onwards to a Biology department, now on a Medicine school. Colaborations with Chemistry and Maths.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Receives Record Fine By the EU

seasunset Re:In tomorrow's news (469 comments)

Somewhere in the middle AMD will be grossly more competitive (or people will stop buying computers at the same rate in case no competition appears and prices sky rocket - as the need to have "brand new" is fading because computer power is "enough" for many years).

The world is a bit more complex that the relationship between a company and a state: there is external competition, there are costumers (who can stop buying). "externalities" matter more than this single issue. It is because of these externalities that your reasoning is 150% unrealistic.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Receives Record Fine By the EU

seasunset Re:Oh well (469 comments)

Fortunately the money does not disappear. It will be used for something, as an example:

Yesterday I had my "socialist" surgery done to me by less than 50 euros all costs included (x-rays, blood samples, surgery, medication, ...). While taxes can be a good thing, it is even better when the money for state operations (I know, this case it is EU, not national states) come from fines (as one is not taxing productive behavior).

So all in all, just good things: Intel is fined, Intel will need to increase costs to the user (indirectly increasing competition in a market that was going the way of a monopoly - always a bad thing in the long run). We get more more market and more competition! And the fine money will serve a purpose somewhere (hopefully not the bailout of banksters, something we see going on everywhere on the planet: But that is actually a good example of corporations getting to much power and everybody suffering from it).

Now can we break MS in a OS division and a Office division please?

more than 5 years ago

French Assembly Adopts 3-Strikes Bill

seasunset Reaction from the Portuguese culture minister (343 comments)

This is the reaction of the Portuguese culture minister (another EU country):

It seems a project adapted to the French political and legal circumstances and to the country past, but I don't think it will be followed by other EU countries. ...
We (Portugal) are a country with a specific state and legal framework. We lived 48 years under dictatorship and we do not easily understand solutions that can be seen as censorship

I hope this thing won't take root in the EU. Furthermore lets see what the European Human Rights court (if somebody takes this there) says.

more than 5 years ago

More Than Coding Errors Behind Bad Software

seasunset Re:When I was breaking in (726 comments)

This is a true story: Once a coleague (a test engineer in the case) asked me to give an afternoon explanation on how Java Servlets work. I sit with the guy for a couple of hours, give a general overview of the architecture, show some code... His last move after that couple of hours: ammend his CV in order to put "experience with Java Server Side Testing".

about 6 years ago

New Method To Revolutionize DNA Sequencing

seasunset Re:99.3% accurate? (239 comments)

It depends on what you want to do. Note that existing methods also have problems of this kind.

I remember listening to a world wide specialist on the issue (with papers and software published on handling errors in genetic datasets) where he talked about error rates of 10% in some cases (mostly human introduced: like reading protein gels wrongly or just plain typos on spreadsheets).

I have tested myself the HapMap project (sequencing of human SNPs in several populations) and the error rate, while very low, doesn't allow for studies of mutations from parents to offspring (the noise - error - is orders of magnitude bigger than the signal - very low mutation rates from parent to offspring).

I would say 28 out of 4000 is quite good. Although it would be great if it was random (like you could repeat the experiment and get a different set of errors). This would allow to go lower (at the expense of more experiences).

about 6 years ago

The State of UK Broadband — Not So Fast

seasunset Re:Maybe (279 comments)

Not really, here in the UK things seem to be a bit worse. I just have two personal experiences (plus what I hear from other people) to talk about, but speeds are worse, coverage is worse.

I've lived in two other countries in Europe and I would agree that the UK situation is not very good in comparison.

more than 6 years ago



"Piracy as been a source of progress"

seasunset seasunset writes  |  more than 4 years ago

seasunset (469481) writes "Jose Mariano Gago, minister for Science and Technology of Portugal said that Piracy and been a source of progress and globalization (Google translation). This senior official of the south western EU country also suggested that value of cultural products might sometimes be increased by piracy.

Regarding downloads, Gago stated that the Portuguese government is studying regulation, but that it "must be sensible" and that "The Internet is a matter of adding freedoms, not restricting them."

Link to Original Source


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