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Ask Slashdot: Value of Website Design Tools vs. Hand Coding?

sebastianlacuesta Common sense for design, hand code for coding (342 comments)

If your son is competent at coding, I think he should take a look at the following book: "Don't make me think" by Steve Krudge. Then do some design by using pencil and paper or a tool like the "Pencil" addon for firefox. Once the design is there, then code using a tool that does content assist or intellisense for html, css & javascript. I don't know anything about "beautiful design", but I think he should try to learn this area from design people. Once all of the ingredients are there, he should become kind of "invincible".

more than 2 years ago



sex, lies... and wikileaks

sebastianlacuesta sebastianlacuesta writes  |  more than 3 years ago

sebastianlacuesta (1500095) writes "There is much ado about nothing in WikiLeaks leaks. Pseudo revelations how are you can be a record over the secret services.

Intelligence operations are as old as the State. There have always been what is now called intelligence agencies, officials or paraoficiales carried out not only to ascertain the intentions that may be foreign governments, but also spread rumors, create ambiguities, raise provocations and influence public opinion and strangers for the purpose of achieving certain objectives. Only in the past, such procedures were not as everyday and as soon impact as in the present if they are facilitated by the massive and instantaneous communications."

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