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Can You Tell the Difference? 4K Galaxy Note 3 vs. Canon 5D Mark III Video

second_coming Re:youtube compression negates it (201 comments)

Maybe not, but higher quality input gives a better chance of higher quality output. Even if only marginally better.

about 3 months ago

Can You Tell the Difference? 4K Galaxy Note 3 vs. Canon 5D Mark III Video

second_coming Note 3 (201 comments)

I have a Note 3 and while the video quality is pretty good, the low light photography (as in anything not perfectly lit) is shockingly bad.

about 3 months ago

Fifteen Years After Autism Panic, a Plague of Measles Erupts

second_coming Re:Fear leads to Hate, Hate leads to Measles (668 comments)

It doesn't help when you get conflicting information from seeing different Doctors. My wife is getting treatment for a partially paralysed vocal chord and depending on which Doctor she speaks to she get's wildly varying opinion on the cause and how to deal with it.

1 year,2 days

Jetstream Retrofit Illustrates How Close Modern Planes Are To UAVs

second_coming Re:Would you ride in one? (205 comments)

Yes, they could choose another airline that keeps pilots as a marketing ploy.

1 year,24 days

Don't Panic, But We've Passed Peak Apple (and Google, and Facebook)

second_coming Re:Glass??? (307 comments)

I still can't believe they did away with the XServe.

about a year ago

Sharing HBO Go Accounts Could Result In Prison

second_coming Re:Solution (221 comments)

Because 2 billion would be even better?

about a year ago

Sharing HBO Go Accounts Could Result In Prison

second_coming Re: where is the bluray? (221 comments)

I believe the main reason for people wanting access to GoT (and others) immediately is due to the fact that the longer it takes to release them the greater the chances are that they will see spoilers. s03e09 is a prime example of this.

about a year ago

Sharing HBO Go Accounts Could Result In Prison

second_coming Re:dumb (221 comments)

That is how Spotify and Steam both handle the situation. You can obviously switch to offline mode and use locally cached content still though.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Prove an IT Manager Is Incompetent?

second_coming Project Management (331 comments)

Don't you have project managers to manage projects? Head of IT in corporate would not normally project manage (unless the IT department isn't very big).

about a year ago

Thousands of Whistle Blowers Vulnerable After Anonymous Hacks SAPS

second_coming Re:Seems counter-intuitive (132 comments)

I will be very surprised if there aren't deaths directly as a result of this.

about a year ago

New Prenda Law Shell Corp Threatening to Tell Your Neighbors You Pirated Porn

second_coming Re:Haha, let them. (258 comments)


about a year ago

Using YouTube For File Storage

second_coming Re:10GB Free, Wow! (193 comments)

create a few dropbox accounts, piss easy

about a year ago

Boston Police Chief: Facial Recognition Tech Didn't Help Find Bombing Suspects

second_coming Maybe next time (235 comments)

.. use Google Picasa :D

about a year ago

Testers Say IE 11 Can Impersonate Firefox Via User Agent String

second_coming Re:Hmmm (252 comments)

The main culprits I've seen which do this are telephone system providers (Mitel/iPecs etc).

The issue being that people are very touchy about updating telephony software, primarily following the old adage, "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

about a year ago

EU To Vote On Proposal That Could Ban All Online Pornography

second_coming Re:What word is translated "Pornography"? (853 comments)

This is easily fixed by making access to porn an opt-in option with your ISP.
br It already happens with mobile internet providers and works well.

about a year ago

Hard Drive Revenue About To Take a Double-Digit Dip

second_coming Re:Less demand (269 comments)

In comparison with what PC hardware used to cost, they are extremely cheap at the moment.

My first PC in 1992 cost me £1400.

about a year and a half ago


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