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Symantec Exec Warns Against Relying On Free Antivirus

seeksoft avg (459 comments)

I prefer AVG. I've been using it now for awhile, and I have most of my family + friends on it. When people ask me what to use, I recommend it. Doesn't bloat my system and it actually finds threats.

more than 5 years ago

The Fall and Rise of Motion Control For Games

seeksoft Re:Motion gaming on consoles already is 50% (131 comments)

Yeah, but what you must realize... all the consoles pushed.. maybe 20% still play the wii. Mine's been collecting dust as my brothers and my best friends wifes. She bought wii fit, played it for like 2 weeks then that fad wore off. I play my 360 4-5 times a week.. My wii gets used when someone comes over, and even then the fad has kind of worn off.

more than 5 years ago

Reports of VHS's Death Highly Exaggerated

seeksoft My nieces scratch all DVD's and CD's (624 comments)

One reason my sister still requires us to buy VHS is quite simple. The tapes dont get scratched. I have three nieces [9(today), 7 and 4]. I bought her a DVD-From-TV that she's been wanting. The kids arent old enough to handle the DVD's. Yeah, they try but any parent knows that kids have STICKY fingers and every surface in the house is sticky. The DVD's and CDs get scratches, crud and all sorts of goo on them. It's now to a point where I had to give them an old machine to put all their music on because I was duplicating a cd they either snapped in half, scratched or lost. My sister has a locked cabinent with all the DVDs that the kids cant touch, but then in the kids play room, there is a shelfs full of VHS. They add new ones every week, and thanks for TIVO.. Shes got so many series from Disney channel and Nickelodeon on tape. So until the girls are old enough to handle CDs with care, and lets face it.. even as adults we still scratch, crack and ruin these discs. So I can see why she wont go away from the medium completely.

more than 9 years ago


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