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Ask Slashdot: How Many Employees Does Microsoft Really Need?

senahj Re:They're finishing off Nokia (272 comments)

Phillip Jose Farmer's novelette Riders Of The Purple Wage, published in Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions, is exactly about a world in which few people are required to run the economy, and most people are permanently at liberty.

Lots of SF fan service too. Puns. Tropes. Allusions. Joe Bob says "check it out".

about 6 months ago

I go through keyboards ...

senahj Northgate Omnikey forever (341 comments)

I'm still using a Northgate Omnikey I scavenged from the rubble of The 3DO Company's chip design organization back in 1996.
I think it was already at least ten years old when I got it.
Not as noisy as an IBM M, and has the best tactile response of any keyboard I've ever tried.
Always works perfectly, and has a configuration switch to put the CTRL key to the left of the 'a' key, AS GOD INTENDED.

I expect to leave it to my son in my will; it'll outlast me.

I have an Avant Stellar too, but it doesn't feel as nice, somehow.
The Mattias Pro series are almost as indestructable, but much noisier even than an IBM M.

more than 2 years ago

Vivek Kundra On US Government Inefficiency

senahj Re:Inefficiencies. (306 comments)

> the reason capitalism and a private sector is so good
> is that it promotes economic diversity,

Unregulated, capitalism tends naturally to produce monopolies which have all the defects of "monoculture" state solutions, plus robber barons unaccountable to the society as a whole.

It may be a delusion ... to imagine that state power can ever create a just society. But one reason some people are perennially tempted to try is that private power is generally so comfortable with unjust ones.

George Scialabba in What Are Intellectuals Good For?

more than 4 years ago

Linguistic Problems of GPL Advocacy

senahj let us now praise famous wildebeasts (633 comments)

I'm glad that we have a choice of licenses.
Let a hundred legal flowers bloom.

But in my prayerful moments I thank the Tao of Programming that gcc and gdb exist, and are GPL'ed. Thank you RMS.

Those of you who were not programmers before gcc became the lingua franca perhaps do not recognize how these two tools have revolutionized computer engineering. Code used to be negligibly portable. Adequate development tooling was once scarce, buggy, and expensive, even for popular platforms such as the PDP-11 and Data General minis.

more than 6 years ago


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