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Ask Slashdot: Best FLOSS iTunes Replacement In 2013?

senorpoco Stubborn (317 comments)

I stuck with the now sadly discontinued songbird.

about 9 months ago

California Elementary Schools To Test Anti-Piracy Curriculum

senorpoco Did you finish your english homework? (356 comments)

No miss, I wrote to the shakespeare estate asking for permission to do a paper on romeo and juliet but their lawyers haven't gotten back to me yet.

about a year ago

NSA Cracked Into Encrypted UN Video Conferences

senorpoco Re:That is their job. (427 comments)

Except spying on diplomats is also illegal.

1 year,27 days

NSA Cracked Into Encrypted UN Video Conferences

senorpoco Re:News? (427 comments)

There are a few subtle differences between this scenario and cracking the nazin transmissions.

1 year,27 days

NSA Cracked Into Encrypted UN Video Conferences

senorpoco Dear homeowner (427 comments)

I saw that your window was poorly secured so I broke in and took all your stuff. I am leaving this note so that you know how risky it is leaving your house unsecured. This isn't a very good neighborhood you really should buy an alarm and better locks. I hope this letter find you well. You're welcome The NSA.

1 year,27 days

New Drug Mimics the Beneficial Effects of Exercise

senorpoco Needs a catchier name (492 comments)

XtremeShred, Fatbusterone, Buffadrine2000. Additionally they should only market it using annoying popup ads and late night television.

about a year ago

Has Anyone Seen My Rabbit?

senorpoco That's what SHE said! (92 comments)

I'm sorry. I'll just take my things and be going.

about a year ago

Microsoft Is Sitting On Six Million Unsold Surface Tablets

senorpoco In for a $ (550 comments)

How much did they lose on the Zune? How much do they stand to lose if they can't find a way to make the XboxOne competitive? Maybe it's time to reassess their business model.

about a year ago

Obamacare Software Glitch Will Limit Penalties Charged To Smokers

senorpoco It's not a glitch (490 comments)

it's a feature

about a year ago

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One's Phone Home Requirement, Game Resale Rules

senorpoco Deal breaker (581 comments)

Well that just saved me the equivalent of whatever the new console would cost. Thanks microsoft for making purchasing decisions easier.

about a year ago

Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don't Exist At the Same Time

senorpoco Trying to find a way home. (364 comments)

They could only be connected to other particles that existed in their lifetime and then they would have to perform a good deed before being able to connect to a different particle. Oh boy

about a year ago

Accessorize Your Phone With Another Phone

senorpoco Start of something big. (171 comments)

Why stop there? Have a separate camera, a separate music player too. What a wonderful future that will be where instead of one device capable of doing lots of things we have lots of individual devices dedicated to a single purpose.

about a year and a half ago

The Downside of Warp Drives: Annihilating Whole Star Systems When You Arrive

senorpoco Just another little bit of history repeating. (235 comments)

Man wonders what lies just beyond the horizon. Man develops ability to travel beyond horizon. Man annihilates whatever was over there.

about 2 years ago

Wired Proclaims the Death of the Game Console

senorpoco That time of month. (368 comments)

Yet another 'end of the era of.......' article. How many times have PC's, consoles, TV's etc been declared dead on Slashdot? Not long till the next cloaking device article.

about 2 years ago

NASA Ponders What To Do With a Pair of Free Space Telescopes

senorpoco Yard Sale (97 comments)

How come I never seem to find anything cool when I go to a yard sale.

about 2 years ago

If Extinct Species Can Be Brought Back... Should We?

senorpoco Yes (299 comments)

So long as we remove their ability to use door handles.

about 2 years ago

Apple and Samsung Both Get South Korea Bans

senorpoco Do we need more evidence? (216 comments)

Current patent law is monopolistic, anti-competitive and demonstrably absurd. Double KO.

about 2 years ago

The Decline of Fiction In Video Games

senorpoco The myth of the story. (197 comments)

Games today have abandoned story and character development for fancy graphics. Gone are the rich and nuanced tapestries of MarioKart and Gradius. The complex character development of super punchout and the beautifully crafted narrative of Earthworm Jim.

more than 2 years ago


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