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Lost Star Wars Scene In the Wild

seppy The 2015 Extra's Include! (294 comments)

Luke Skywalker playing with his light saber on Chat Roulette!

If I were a Star Wars completist, I think I would have George Lucas on a list by now.

more than 4 years ago

Administration Ignored Bin Laden Intel

seppy Re:Why? (800 comments)

To paraphrase clinton, at least they tried and perhaps if the political situation hadn't been fostered to be so partisan by the right wing maybe we would have gotten bin laden -- I think it was called Operation Witch Hunt Clinton. Whereas the current administration did nothing with the information that they were provided with. For all of the Republican belief in free market -- where accountability means delivering results or being shitcanned -- they certainly don't subscribe to holding anyone accountable -- so what do they believe, power for the sake of power? So what to do? Trot out the when all else fails blame Bill game -- a new version of the Blame Game? You're going to have to come up with some clever Blame Bill scenarios to revise the history of this adminstration. At least the Bush administration knew who Bin Laden was -- thanks to Bill Clinton and his bipartisan cabinet -- nothing bipartisan about this administration. Although it didn't matter because they weren't going to do anything with that information or for that matter any information -- except for perhaps a white paper from the American Enterprise Institute telling us that the world would be better off with a War that Haliburton could cater!

Theres my vitriol for the day!
The marketing plan of the liberal media? Certainly not part of the government propaganda machine that Dan Bartlett is peddling today on the Sunday morning political shows that would have us believe that what is up is down and what is down is up.

Could someone have stopped 9/11 from happening, probably not. Should the current administration be held accountable for doing nothing, when they were provided with the opportunities to possibly thwart such an attack and did nothing, yes! The current administration talks about the intelligence failures that led to 9/11, and for once I agree with them. There need to be more intelligent people in charge of the security of this country. The sad thing is that perhaps the data pointing to 9/11 was making its way to where it would have been acted up, but was ignored at the very top. So rather than being a part of the solution they are actually a part of the problem.

more than 8 years ago


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