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New Star Trek Trailer

sethawoolley Re:Uneasy (591 comments)

Heh, you're right, I didn't notice the shift diagram on there in plain sight. It looked like a floor shifter for an automatic. I'm wondering why he's shifting anyways when he should be jumping...

more than 5 years ago

New Star Trek Trailer

sethawoolley Re:Uneasy (591 comments)

It was an automatic transmission, actually, if you look frame-by-frame in the trailer. Crisis averted.

more than 5 years ago



Best alternative to HP TRIM Document Management for State Archiving

sethawoolley sethawoolley writes  |  more than 2 years ago

sethawoolley (1005201) writes "The Oregon Secretary of State has implemented the HP TRIM Records Management System for state archiving. I personally believe that Free/Libre Open Source Software should be required by all governments to manage their files because proprietary software locks in vendors to expensive government contracts and presents unacceptable risks to losing data, not protecting the privacy of citizen data, and not allowing proper transparency of government actions. Furthermore, the state wants to get other jurisdictions in Oregon switched to using this proprietary solution claiming "economies of scale". I'm working on a set of solutions for an "Open Source Government" and looked at Drupal and Alfresco as possible replacements for HP TRIM in a CMIS compliant setup, as even the White House uses Drupal, among other government agencies. Does the Slashdot community have any suggestions for a free software records management system for state and local agencies that can meet the needs of legal and policy compliance? Any ideas would be appreciated. Full Disclosure: I'm running against the incumbent Secretary as a Green and helped create the Oregon Pirate Party and hope to use the comments in my campaign."
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Slashdot User Running to Open Source Oregon's Vote

sethawoolley sethawoolley writes  |  more than 5 years ago

sethawoolley writes "Now that ballots are out in Oregon, even though I expect they all read the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet anyways, Oregonian /. fans should know that one of their own is running for the second highest office, Secretary of State, in Oregon (United States Pacific Coast — California's Canada and Washington's Mexico according to Stephen Colbert). The Secretary of State administers elections and I, Seth Woolley, am running to open source and improve the voting methods (IRV, Range Voting, Open Source Voting, etc.) as well as to enforce campaign finance laws and open access to the ballot to independents. I'm on the official ballot as the Pacific Green candidate with no other third parties. Oregon has 100% vote-by-mail-and-paper, but its counting machines are all proprietary and statistical sampling is weak. Depending on how many votes I get, I will have power to exert to lobby for good governance rather than sham elections even when the election is over. If you're not in Oregon, you can still help by calling Oregon's TV stations asking why they haven't covered my candidacy (besides KOHD and KVAL who have)."
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Range vote to defeat Arrow Impossibility Theorem?

sethawoolley sethawoolley writes  |  more than 6 years ago

sethawoolley writes "In light of the upcoming elections in the US, William Poundstone was interviewed about voting systems by Mother Jones. In it he advocates the benefits of Range Voting as a solution to Arrow's Impossibility Theorem. Approval, Borda, Instant Runoff, and Condorcet Voting, which are often solutions advocated by the Greens and Libertarians (in the US), are discussed, as well, in light of Warren Smith's recent empirical research using Bayesian Regret. My local party (of which I'm the Parliamentarian) uses Single Transferable voting, but we're considering using Range Voting in the future. One thing is for certain: any system is better than the West's out-dated plurality voting system."
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