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Minutes I spend on the phone, on a typical day:

setirw THEN WHO WAS PHONE? (264 comments)

The poll accidentally the meme.

more than 3 years ago

I keep track of my passwords ...

setirw Re:Too Many To Remember (414 comments)

"Too many to remember" . . . I have upwards of 10 passwords at work that have to change every 30 days

When will IT departments realize that absurdly stringent password policies greatly jeopardize security, as people become prone to write them down?

more than 4 years ago

Do You Provide Tech Support To Friends and Family?

setirw Re:sigh (606 comments)

No, send them this.

more than 4 years ago

The First High-Definition TV, Circa 1958

setirw Re:And how far we have not come (222 comments)

Two words: resolution independence, something most operating systems have supported for quite some time. (Even Windows 95 was reasonably res-independent.)

I like running high resolutions on smaller displays because everything looks sharper, not because I'd like more viewing area (and consequently, a minuscule UI, as you rightly pointed out.)

more than 4 years ago

Sony Blu-spec CD Format Detailed, Hits Stores

setirw Re:Huh? (290 comments)

Unfortunately, I can't read Japanese. Thanks for linking the PDF, though. I might ask a friend to translate, as it looks really interesting.

and yes, red lasers are used during the manufacturing process, not used to create the master, but used when creating the CD from the master.

Per Wikipedia, a red laser is only used as a read laser in a feedback loop with the blue write laser while creating the master, confirming my initial statement. Where do you see any reference to its use during the replication process?

more than 5 years ago

Sony Blu-spec CD Format Detailed, Hits Stores

setirw Re:Huh? (290 comments)

The final polycarbonate disc is pressed. The glass master, however, is etched with a laser. The summary's still incorrect, though, as the master's created using a UV or violet laser.

TFA could be referring to the fact that red lasers are used to check the master for consistency.

more than 5 years ago
top Makes IE8 Incompatibility List

setirw Re:Where's the story? (358 comments)

You're off by three orders of magnitude...

more than 5 years ago
top Makes IE8 Incompatibility List

setirw! (358 comments)

Again, I'm not a web developer, but does that mean there is something 'wrong' with the standards?

Although there's nothing "wrong" per se, the standards are excessively strict, and slight nonconformity will not cause rendering issues in any browser. For example, non-literal attribute values, while not technically standards compliant, is properly recognized by every HTML parser in existence. Arguably, such usage conforms to a "democratic standard," rendering the W3C's say irrelevant on this specific matter.

Furthermore, W3C's validation tool doesn't work very well. In Google's case, it's flagged bits of string literals (URLs in links, specifically) as invalid.

more than 5 years ago

RED's New Digital Stills and Motion Camera Pushing the Limits

setirw Re:Rule 34 (219 comments)

Depends on the size of the sensor. 35mm, yes. For a 6x17cm sensor, 261 MP isn't unreasonable.

more than 5 years ago



setirw setirw writes  |  more than 7 years ago

setirw writes "Silicon Graphics announced its emergence from from Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. In typical businessese, SGI's CEO prepared a written statement: "Today, we debut the new SGI, an efficient and fully recapitalized company armed with a new market-centric business model and empowered by a rekindled commitment to solving the problems of customers in a targeted range of markets." SGI replaced its board of directors, and is planning on unveiling a new line of products. The company has also reported that its debt has been reduced from $470 million to a relatively smaller $70 million."


setirw has no journal entries.

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