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Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

seven of five Damned dyslexia! (388 comments)

I gave up crabs for nothing.

6 hours ago

DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications

seven of five Oh, I get it... (261 comments)

I can't text and drive but my car can....

about a week ago

A Horrifying Interactive Map of Global Internet Censorship

seven of five Wow. Shriek much? (158 comments)

"most important thing you’ll see today" ... "this horrifying world already exists" ... other news bits on bgw: "awesome iPhone apps..." ... "Man suffers burns when OnePlus One explodes in his back pocket"

about a week ago

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

seven of five Re:Kochs will ruin capitalism by short sighted gre (525 comments)

Kochs have a long history of seeing communists around every corner. I believe this comes from their father's business dealings with the Soviets. Too bad they can't let that paranoid shit go. It's making them look like dopes.

about a week ago

Humans Need Not Apply: a Video About the Robot Revolution and Jobs

seven of five Re:Saw the video, not buying the premise. (304 comments)

And the robots were maintained by electricians - the guys who wire your house eletricians with a bit more training. No need at all for BSEEs or anything like that. One team of engineers, sales people, managers, etc ... ( what a hundred people) will replace tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands.

As white collar jobs disappear along with the need for training a workforce, there must be a tipping point past which you can no longer sustain public schools and universities. If the future demands for engineers, MBAs, lawyers etc becomes .0001% of the present, the school system will collapse. But if you still need an education for a few people where's that going to come from?

about three weeks ago

Humans Need Not Apply: a Video About the Robot Revolution and Jobs

seven of five Re:Arthur C. Clarke called it a long time ago (304 comments)

If they can collect energy, dig raw materials out of the ground, and build things themselves, then there's no costs involved.

There will be costs involved. Getting the energy won't be magically free, materials come from a finite source (sure you can lasso an asteroid but space travel has significant costs), and there's costs due to entropy -- spoilage, maintenance, storm damage, etc. Land will be finite and defending the use of the land (security) has costs. Costs may plummet significantly but I don't think they'll ever hit zero.

about three weeks ago

Snowden: NSA Working On Autonomous Cyberwarfare Bot

seven of five Re:Skynet Anyone? (194 comments)

I believe MonsterMind is about countering cyber attacks. Not traditional ones with people and guns n' things.

about three weeks ago

Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company

seven of five Industry? (502 comments)

I can see running households on solar, but what about things like large-scale industry, aluminum refining, stuff like that?

about a month ago

Chicago Red Light Cameras Issue Thousands of Bogus Tickets

seven of five Re:Movie Review (229 comments)

Not driving like a maniac and hurting people and damaging property is one thing. But because traffic tickets are a source of revenue, the city has no incentive to make traffic laws sane or simple, especially in large urban areas. In Chicago, the latest craze is speeding cameras near schools and parks because "think of the children" and any park or school is fair game. Likewise, many intersections are no right turn on red between 730am and 730pm. So if you see it's safe to turn and don't see the sign, tough sh*t buddy, you just got nailed. In many streets, it's ok to park on one side of a residential street but not the other if you don't have a permit sticker. In from out of town and take a spot on the wrong side? Tough luck. The sheer number and complexity of the rules trips up the most careful of drivers. Here's the rub... if you care about defensive driving etc and get nailed anyway, it leads to resignation and resentment; it is easy to conclude that it takes superhuman levels of awareness to avoid getting a ticket so why bother? Not conducive to traffic safety. So it's not about traffic safety, it's about cashing in on the traffic safety system, and everyone knows it.

about a month and a half ago

Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet

seven of five Re:meanwhile overnight... (503 comments)

Cripes!! They could at least have thrown a tarp over it....

about a month and a half ago

Interviews: Ask Dr. Andy Chun About Artificial Intelligence

seven of five Bootstrap Fallacy? (71 comments)

Dr Chun, Can you comment on the potential of machine learning? Is it theoretically possible for a "naive" AI system to undergo great qualitiative changes simply through learning? Or is this notion a fallacy? Although it is an attractive concept, no one in AI has pulled it off despite several decades of research.

about a month and a half ago

Cosmologists Show Negative Mass Could Exist In Our Universe

seven of five Re:We've observed and created antiparticles (214 comments)

Sorry! Antimatter has positive mass. Now go look for stuff with negative mass. Thanks!

about a month and a half ago

Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman

seven of five Tales of Asgard... (590 comments)

In related news, Odin will become a transgender drag queen with a flair for theatrics. Loki, however, will remain low-key.

about a month and a half ago

The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

seven of five Re:Lovelace? (285 comments)

Just give me the blow by blow account.

about 2 months ago

Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop

seven of five Re:Blank is to Blank... (681 comments)

It's DOS all the way down...

about 2 months ago

Mayors of Atlanta & New Orleans: Uber Will Knock-Out Taxi Industry

seven of five Coming soon: self-driving cabs (273 comments)

Self driving cabs will eventually displace both traditional taxi drivers and Uber. The drivers can make as much fuss as they want, but they've only got another 20 years tops before they all become irrelevant.

about 2 months ago



FAA Computer Glitch Causes Widespread Delays

seven of five seven of five writes  |  more than 4 years ago

seven of five (578993) writes "From the AP, A problem with the FAA system that collects airlines' flight plans caused widespread flight cancellations and delays nationwide Thursday. It was the second time in 15 months that a glitch in the flight plan system caused delays.A problem with the FAA system that collects airlines' flight plans caused widespread flight cancellations and delays nationwide Thursday. It was the second time in 15 months that a glitch in the flight plan system caused delays."

Anyone out there caught up in this?"

Link to Original Source


seven of five has no journal entries.

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