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Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools

severn2j Re:A minority view? (649 comments)

In reality, there is no evidence, and never has been any evidence, that God exists... none, not a single shred, ever in the history of the human species.

The faith is strong in this one. Your education is lacking.

Is the GPs statement that you've quoted wrong? If there is some evidence of the existence of a god, please let us know because if so, then I (and every other "non-believer") am obviously lacking some education as well.

about a month ago

Solar Impulse 2 Makes First Flight

severn2j Speed (34 comments)

If they want to fly around the world with it, wont they need to keep up with the sun, as that's it power source? If so, it'll need to go a lot faster than 30kt..

(Disclaimer - In /. fashion, I only read the summary, so if the article explains it, then I apologise.)

about a month and a half ago

UK ISPs To Send Non-Threatening Letters To Pirates

severn2j Only 4 ISPs signed up? Bit misleading.. (93 comments)

The summary seems to suggest that there isn't much take up of this, with the comment, "Only four of the UKs ISPs have agreed to the 'Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme' so far". I think its worth pointing out that those 4 ISPs cover nearly 94% of the market...

about 2 months ago

Fukushima Photo Essay: a Drone's Eye View

severn2j Re:Just to be clear (66 comments)

Just to be clear here: the devastation is all due to the tsunami, not to the reactor failure. Foreign media seem to often forget or ignore that the disaster was the earthquake and tsunami. That's what killed almost 20k people dead and destroyed the homes of many hundreds of thousands of people.

Seems like TFA forgot that too.

Quote - "Tomioka is the closest thing we have ever seen to a nuclear wasteland."

Except it isnt, its an earthquake and tsunami wasteland..

about 4 months ago

1GB of Google Drive Storage Now Costs Only $0.02 Per Month

severn2j Re:Linux client (335 comments)

I use 'grive' myself, while not as good as the linux dropbox client, it does the job okay for my backups..

about 4 months ago

Japanese Firm Proposes Microwave-Linked Solar Plant On the Moon

severn2j Re:11000 miles? (330 comments)

Yes, I don't however see any data on their website about how wide they are planning to build the ring out.

From the website:- "1. Lunar solar cells To ensure continuous generation of power, an array of solar cells will extend like a belt along the entire 11,000km lunar equator. This belt will grow in width from a few kilometers to 400km."

about 5 months ago

Edward Snowden's Lawyer Claims Harassment From Heathrow Border Agent

severn2j Re:The UK border staff are wildly incompetent. (261 comments)

This right here is the problem we in the UK have with attitudes to EU immigration, the belief that the UK is somehow a glorious land of opportunity that the unwashed masses of the EU are clamouring to get into. As a Brit, I can tell you it isn't, and if it wasn't for the ties of my family here, I would be long gone..

about 5 months ago

NSF Report Flawed; Americans Do Not Believe Astrology Is Scientific

severn2j Re:Really good question (326 comments)

As a Brit who spent some time working with an American recently, I would agree with you. We both found that the differences between the US and UK language is more than just an accent.

about 5 months ago

EU Parliament Rejects Asylum For Snowden

severn2j Re:Where? (88 comments)

As our (UK) government seems so insistent on passing laws to undermine any sort of civil liberty we may have had and basically falling over itself to be the US's lapdog, while alienating us from the rest of the world, it seems to me that the EU is our best chance for undoing some of that damage. They may not be very good, but there a damn sight better than our government (including the opposition parties).

about 5 months ago

Valve Offers Free Subscription To Debian Developers: Paying It Forward

severn2j Re:Developer approval (205 comments)

I'm not so sure, from my reading of it they're giving away the Valve Complete pack, which they tend to sell for next to nothing every time there's a Steam sale anyway.. My guess is most people interested in these games will already have them.

about 6 months ago

Why Charles Stross Wants Bitcoin To Die In a Fire

severn2j Re:Summary is a troll (691 comments)

The link to Fourier's gangrene on Wikipedia is totally unnecessary, and the article includes an image that is decidedly not safe for work.

Captcha: unclean

Fortunately, I made the rare step of RTFA, where Mr Stross added "(NSFL danger: do not click that link)", which appears to not be in the summary..

about 7 months ago

SteamOS Will Be Available For Download On December 13

severn2j Re:A "solution" in search of... (211 comments)

Why is this modded down? Reliance on Windows is exactly why SteamOS is being developed and is personally my main reason for wanting to try it..

about 7 months ago

Two Supermassive Black Holes About To Embrace

severn2j At what point do they actually "embrace"? (171 comments)

At which point are they actually considered to be "embracing"? When the event horizons merge, or the singularities?

about 8 months ago

Researchers Use Computer-Generated 10-Year-Old Girl To Catch Online Predators

severn2j Re:profile = evidence? (545 comments)

You know, that might actually be a safer outlet for these peoples urges.. It might even prevent real children being abused.

about 9 months ago

Lost Star Wars Footage Found On LaserDisc

severn2j Re:Some more star wars footage? (157 comments)

Yeah, maybe my memories of it are fuzzy (I was 7 when I first saw it at the cinema), but I always thought that not only did Han shoot first, Greedo never shot at all..

about 9 months ago

First Evidence Found of a Comet Strike On Earth

severn2j Re:Not necessarily. (68 comments)

They'd be so stoned they wouldn't even notice. (Hah! Did I just make a double pun there?)

Apparently not, going by the mod points..

about 9 months ago

Fusion Reactor Breaks Even

severn2j Re:bbc? (429 comments)

Granted, few general-purpose new sources are particularly good when it comes to their coverage of science, but the BBC does have a bit of a reputation for being above average--a reputation which seems to be rather undeserved, as far as I can tell.

I agree that the BBC doesn't really deserve the good reputation it has and I think it has it because in an era of such bad journalism, its easy to look good.

about 10 months ago

Valve Officially Launches Steam For Linux

severn2j Re:Goodbye Windows (313 comments)

While I agree with most of your post, I'm not sure where your SPISPOPD info comes from. The name came from a joke on a newsgroup discussion about Doom's name in the weeks before its release in 1993, while the Smashing Pumpkins formed in 1988, five years earlier. In fact they even added samples from Doom in one of their songs in reference to the joke.

about a year and a half ago

How We'll Get To 54.5 Mpg By 2025

severn2j Re:nothing new at all needed (717 comments)

I drive a Toyota Corolla Verso, 7-seater, 2.2 litre diesel engine. Drives really well and has loads of power when you need it. It also has tons of room inside for storage/kids/etc.. I regularly get better than 50 MPG out of it.

about 2 years ago


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